Space Use Subcommittee


To pursue the mission, Willamette provides a variety of resources, the use of which is expected to be as efficient and effective as possible. One of the most critical and limited of these resources is space, defined for these purposes as any physical area of campus designated for use by a campus unit. Such areas include, but are not limited to: classrooms, laboratories, offices, libraries, common areas, outdoor spaces, and general support facilities.

This purpose fosters two important decisions, supported by the Space Use Policy:

  1. All campus space is owned and centrally controlled by Willamette University.
  2. Space is allocated on a temporary basis and is subject to review and reallocation.

To ensure the effective and efficient use of campus space, Willamette has created a subcommittee of the Capital Projects Advisory Committee, named the Space Advisory Committee. The SAC will facilitate and aid the planning and management of campus space, thereby ensuring that the allocation and use of campus space is aligned with utilization standards, guidelines, and the Willamette mission.


The oversight and recommendation responsibilities of the SAC apply to all campus units. This includes facilitating and reviewing and responding to requests from campus units to:

  • Receive additional space and make recommendations on how it will be allocated
  • Repurpose or vacate allocated space
  • Review proposals for physical alterations that would change the intended primary and/or functional use of allocated space
  • Change the primary/intended/functional use, or the occupancy standards of allocated space
  • SAC generally does not respond or tender requests by campus units to reassign persons and/or activities within space already allocated to the unit, as long as the reassignment does not result in a vacation of allocated space or other change to the primary or functional use of space.
  • Changes by reassignment should be reported to WITS, facilities, and to Campus Safety, for information purposes.
  • SAC oversight does NOT apply to requests for the use of space for special events or other short-term activities. Such activities would be subject to the policies and oversight of the Office of Scheduling, Events and Conferences.