What is Considered a Project?

How do I know if I need to submit a Project Request and a Program Statement for my proposed project?

If your proposed project falls into any of these categories you will need to fill out a Project Request and draft a Program Statement to initiate a project:

  1. If it changes the use of a classroom or University controlled space
  2. If it alters the appearance of the interior or exterior of Willamette
  3. If the cost of the project is covered by multiple departmental budget

To initiate a project you must first submit your Project Request Form and  Program Statement to your area's Dean or Vice President for their review.

Program Statement Guidelines:

  • There should be a clear description as to why the University benefits from this project
  • Make sure you include a clear, concise and detailed description of the programmatic impact
  • Verify and describe how the project/idea aligns with Willamette's mission, strategic goals and objectives
  • Delineate the steps that will be required for the programs intent to come to full effect
  • Clearly identify what is the intended outcome for Willamette if this program idea becomes implemented
  • Only be as long as necessary.  Generally no more than two pages are needed.

Funding Approval Form

This form should only be submitted to your Unit Fiscal Officer for their signature once you have gained approval from your Dean or VP to move forward in the planning process.  This includes all projects funded by the University or self funded by grant, department or area funds.