2016 Campus Life Leadership Position Application

Jump Start Leaders
Opening Days Leaders
Housing and Community Life Mentors
Housing and Community Life Special Projects Interns

Thank you for your interest in a 2016 student leadership staff position. Please review the job descriptions and application, reading through all information carefully. Listed below is important information regarding the application process.

  1. Your application is due online no later than 11:59 p.m. on Friday, January 29, 2016.
  2. Before you begin, please have the following information, as it is required to complete the application:
    • Names and email addresses of two professional references. (If you are applying to be a Community Mentor, it is strongly encouraged one of your references be your current or former CM.)
    • Resume (Accepted file types are: Word, PDF, text.)
    • Cover Letter (if you are applying to be a Community Mentor)
  3. All applicants must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA to apply for these positions.
  4. Give your references plenty of time to complete and submit them online by the January 29th deadline.
    • The references should be completed by a Willamette faculty/staff member (e.g., athletic coach, advisor, College Colloquium professor), an employment supervisor (if you have a job on campus) or your Community Mentor (if you live on-campus). Each of the three positions require two completed references.
    • Note: It is never acceptable to have a friend complete a reference form, even if they have also served in a supervisory role.
  5. If hired, students must attend training sessions outlined on the job description.
  6. You may only serve in one of these three leadership positions (JS, OD, HCL) at a time. You may, however, apply for more than one position.
  7. If you are on the football, volleyball, or soccer teams, you may not apply to be a(n) Jump Start or Opening Days leader.