Kaneko Commons

Positions Available

CMs mentor and advise Kaneko residents, providing support for the transition to university and the many other issues students face in college, including (but not limited to!) roommate conflicts, mental and emotional health, understanding policy, and navigating the resources available at WU. They also work to build self-governing communities that are inclusive and respectful of all members through programming in their halls and as voting members of Kaneko Council. Applications for CM and other Residence Life positions are available in the Office of Residence Life in January for the following academic year.

Elected by Kaneko residents each spring to lead the community during the following academic year. Execs must live in Kaneko during their term in office and serve 2 hours each week in the Kaneko Office as a resource for residents.

President Directs and facilitates Council meetings, serves as the representative for Kaneko residents with the university, oversees all Commons leadership.
Vice President Leads in absence of President, chairs the Kaneko Advisory Board, oversees committee functioning, serves as representative of Kaneko Council at House of Hall Representatives (HHR).
Director of Communications Coordinates publicity for Council events, works with the Intern and Archivist to update the Kaneko Commons master events calendar, communicates Council activities weekly to Kaneko residents.
Archivist Keeps and distributes minutes and attendance for all Council meetings, works with the Intern and Director of Communications to update the Kaneko Commons master events calendar, tracks on-going issues.
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Tracks all budget requests, manages Kaneko Council budget, makes weekly budget reports to Council.
Wing Correspondents (WC) WCs are elected by their neighbors to represent their section at Council meetings. In addition to attending and voting at weekly Council meetings, WCs are expected to live in the section they are representing, participate in one or more committees, and serve 1 hour each week in the Kaneko office as a resource for residents (total of 12 WCs for the building).
TIUA Student Representatives TIUA student representatives are voting members of Council who represent the programming and community interests of TIUA students living in Kaneko. They often also serve on committees. These 3 positions, usually serving in fall semester, are selected through a mutual process by Kaneko Council and TIUA Student Activities staff.
Committee Chairs Committee Chairs (or Co-Chairs) lead the meetings and activities of their committee, reporting weekly to Council.
Committee Members Kaneko community members who want to be involved in choosing and planning Kaneko-wide events comprise the committees. Much of the great programming that happens in Kaneko is led by these committees.
Kaneko Advisory Board (KAB) Chaired by the VP and composed of 1 CM, 1 Wing Correspondent, 3 community members at-large, and the faculty resident. This committee meets monthly to advise the Council on long-term issues and new initiatives, as well as maintaining awareness of Kaneko traditions, goals, and founding principles.
The J-Board strives to educate and support students in their campus experience, and to hold community members accountable for the impact of their choices on the greater community. Interested in being a J-Board member? Contact the Commons Coordinator for more information and an application.

More Information:

Kaneko Commons Office: KAN 103A
kaneko-commons@willamette.edu, x6674

Commons Coordinator 2009-2010
Joanna Means
jmeans@willamette.edu, x6723