Your Willamette Plan

The importance of planning is so well accepted that the point hardly needs making. That being the case, it is surprising that how seldom we engage in planning the most important parts of our lives: Our careers, our families, our finances.

Fortunately, planning is a skill, and like other skills it can be learned through practice. At Willamette University, the ability to plan is considered to be a fundamental component of success, something that Kenneth Burke called “equipment for living.”

The Willamette Plan has been designed to serve as a prototype case, one in which you are asked to plan a year of your life. It aims to help you create goals and achieve them, and in the process build the habit and capacity of planning in other contexts.

You will be using an application called Digication that lets you build a simple web site to display the elements of your plan. The basic template is set up and ready to use, but you can add additional header sections or pages within sections to create a more expansive plan. You can share this website with as few or as many people as you like. Use the Documenting Your Plan link on the left to go to the help pages; in addition, each of the plan pages has a link to specific help for completing that part of the plan.