About the Rental Program

The rental program is designed to provide free rentals to Willamette community members (students, faculty and staff) in order to facilitate the use of bicycles for both recreational and commuting purposes. The rental bikes used for the program are all recycled and refurbished, and are obtained through donations or from local law enforcement, which sells lost or stolen bikes that cannot be returned at a discounted rate. Our goal is to have both long-term and short-term rentals to fit the needs of commuters as well as those who just want to go for a ride.

Rental Bikes:

  • Totally FREE!
  • Include:
    • U-Lock and key
    • Helmet (*if wanted)

Every renter will be required to sign a rental contract. The contract includes fees and other incentives to encourage proper use and care of the rental bike. The agreement also insures the bikes are checked in and out of the Bike Shop within the rental period.

  • natalya
    Natalya - "In Soviet Russia, bike ride you!"
  • fiona
    Fiona - "She can be a bit of a princess, but anyone that sees you with her is instantly jealous."
  • helen
    Helen of Willamette - "The bike that launched a thousand riders."
  • harry
    Harry - "Kind of puny and has an interesting scar, but the ride is magical!"
  • bigbertha
    Big Bertha - "Heavy and slow? Try sturdy and safe! Perfect for the leisurely rider!"
  • madonna
    Madonna - "Touch her for the very first time, and you'll wonder why you ever rode anything else."
  • ashley
    Ashley - "As American as apple pie. Well, an apple pie that was mostly made in Japan anyway."
  • brittany
    Brittany - "What a diva. You'll never know where she'll take you next."
  • judge
    The Judge - "Are you worthy?"
  • josaphine
    Josaphine - "The best thing to come out of France since Freedom Fries!"
  • beast
    The Beast - "One ride and it will own you. FOR-EV-ER."
  • george
    George - "A simple bike with a folksy charm, but hard to extract it when it gets itself stuck somewhere."
  • sherman
    Sherman - "This ride's more fun when you bring someone."
  • bob
    Bob - "With a name like Bob, it's got to be good."
  • cheech
    Cheech - "Feeling low? Don't worry, Cheech can totally get you feeling really...good."