About the Rental Program

The rental program is designed to provide rentals to Willamette community members (students, faculty and staff) in order to facilitate the use of bicycles for both recreational and commuting purposes. The rental bikes used for the program are all recycled and refurbished and are obtained through donations or from local law enforcement, which sells lost or stolen bikes that cannot be returned at a discounted rate. Our goal is to have both long-term and short-term rentals to fit the needs of commuters as well as those who just want to go for a ride. Check out the options below!

Short Term Rental

  • Borrow a bike for 24 hours for FREE!
  • Borrow a bike for a weekend for $3
  • Borrow a bike for a week for $10
  • Visit the Bike Shop to rent out a bike 
  • All rentals come with lock, key, and helmet!

Long Term Rental

A lottery system is used to determine the lucky students able to rent a bike for the semester. Students can enter the lottery during the first few weeks of class. Ten names are selected at random and the winners are notified via email. 

  • Rent a bike for the semester for only $20
  • All rentals come with lock, key, and helmet!