Sparks Membership: Employee Family Pass

Willamette University Human Resources provides eligible employees with a Sparks Membership benefit. This benefit permits employees, their spouses and dependent, still living at home, between 18-23 years old, to use Sparks Center athletic, swimming and recreational facilities, including the fitness center. Please be advised that towel service is not available and a $15 replacement fee will be charged for re-issuance of any lost membership cards. Membership is open only to eligible employee family members. Additional non-eligible users must purchase membership. See below for additional eligibility and process to obtain the family membership.


The Willamette employee can be full time or part time faculty, staff, or administration. Bon Appetit employees are not eligible.


  • "Spouse" or "Domestic Partner" of an eligible Willamette University employee, is defined by WU Human Resources.
  • "Dependent" of an eligible Willamette employee, who is a legal dependent — one who is claimed by the parent or legal guardian on his/her/their taxes as a dependent.

If you have any questions about eligibility, contact Human Resources at ext. 6210

Get Your Family Pass

If you would like to obtain a Family Membership, please complete the following process:

  1. Go to Sparks Center - the employee must be present with each eligible family member
    1. Please bring your employee ID card
    2. Each family member will need to bring their government issues ID
  2. Call 503-370-6008 to get a Sparks Staff member
  3. The Spark Staff member will process each family registration
  4. All cards will be active immediately

Please review fitness center rules and policies prior to use.