Wellness Program

The Fitness program has quickly grown into one of the most popular programs here at Willamette University. Traditionally, we have offered a variety of courses including: Yoga, Pilates, Cardio Kick, Water Aerobics, Step, Hip-Hop, Aikido, First Aid, African Dance, Salsa Dance, and many more.

The program is organized through the Campus Recreation department in a non-credit format. This allows students to try a new activity without being committed to a full course. However, the Fitness program works closely together with the Exercise Science department to meet the needs of the student body.

The Fitness program recruits the best professionals in the Salem/Kaiser area to instruct the classes. These instructors bring a passion and enthusiasm that will inspire you to live and enjoy a healthy lifestyle as well as motivate you to achieve your fitness goals.

The program is designed into semester-long classes. Any interested students. faculty or staff are welcome to sign up for any of the classes. Each class will have a non-refundable fee associated with it that will help cover instructor costs for the semester. There is no attendance taken, so there is no pressure for you to attend every session. Although with our great instructors, you will be counting down the hours until your next class!