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Company Research: Speed it Up by Using Two Google Tricks

You understand the benefits, but sometimes you simply don’t have the time to do company research. In a perfect world, you would assemble a full dossier on the organization, its industry, its products, its recent financial performance, its executives, etc. Read more.

Consider Interview Attire

While you grew up learning “not to judge a book by the cover” don’t be fooled. Hiring managers make an opinion on you as soon as you walk in the door. If you look like you belong in the company and are put together well, then you are starting off the interview on a good note before you even shake their hand. Learn more.

Never Say These Things in Interviews

Interviews are probably the most challenging part of the job search process. You need to be ready for anything, including weird interview questions. You don’t want to blurt out something inappropriate and send all of your hard work down the toilet. Find out more.

Introducing the LinkedIn Students App

Graduation is quickly approaching. Your job search is all consuming. What do you search for? What job options are best for you? Today, LinkedIn unveils the first-of-its-kind LinkedIn Students app available for iOS and Android, tailored specifically for soon-to-be college graduates looking to answer these very questions. Read more.

Why It’s Important to Make Eye Contact

Make a habit of practicing eye contact in your day-to-day life — on the subway in the morning, strolling outside on your lunch break, and in conversations at the office and with friends. You'll be surprised by how much more confidence you project as you get better at locking eyes. Learn more.

Advice from the Hershey Company

"One thing that stands out for me at a career fair is a student who is prepared, knows what they are looking for, and knows a little about the company. Have your 2 minute elevator speech prepared so you can be clear and concise when talking recruiters at the career fair. Let them know your major, any past experiences, and how those relate to the career you are looking for rather than letting them just tell you about the company. If your career goals match the opportunities we have available, you are more likely to get an interview."    Cassie, Hiring Expert at The Hershey Company

Showcase Volunteer Work on Your Resume:

By listing volunteer experience on a resume the candidate has a chance to present that information in a unique way. It is easy to say that you are a team leader but describing how you led a team of people to feed the homeless in your area can speak volumes about your leadership skills and character!

For unemployed job seekers, volunteer work may help show a hiring manager that you are ambitious and keeping busy between jobs. Plus, getting involved with a local organization and lending your expertise to those in need may not only help keep your skills sharp, but also give you the opportunity to network with other professionals.

Volunteer experience is also a great conversation starter in an interview, especially if you know that the hiring manager or company shares your passion. Many employers are more involved than ever in their local communities and demonstrating that you already have experience giving back may show that you would fit in well with the team.

Additionally, LinkedIn has recently added a profile section entitled ‘Volunteer Experience & Causes’, recognizing the importance of including volunteer work on a resume. It also gives other users the opportunity to connect with volunteer organizations by just clicking on their icon.

So roll up your sleeves, give back to your community and don’t forget to add it to your resume!

Why was I selected over other candidates?

-          I remember one particularly rigorous interview process, where I returned to the company five times and met 12 different executives.

-          After I was hired, I asked one executive, "What was the deciding factor in hiring me over the other candidates?" He said, "My executive assistant liked you the best."

-          I had been upbeat and conversational. I was patient, even after a 45-minute wait for the interview. I thanked the assistant on my way out. Others were aloof with the assistant or indifferent. One grumbled at her about being kept waiting, then flashed a big, beaming smile when the executive appeared.

-          How do I know what the other candidates were like? After I was hired, I asked the assistant. I appreciated the information and she appreciated being recognized for her opinions and good instincts. We no longer work for the company, but we keep in touch and remain great friends.

-          Whether on an interview, a sales call or even a visit to the doctor, be kind and attentive to the assistants, secretaries, receptionists, administrative professionals. They are the gatekeepers and often hold the key to your success.

Jobs and internships

Jobs and internships are posted on JobCat. First time users must register. Click HERE

Here are some summer opportunities: 

  • 21808 Willamette Swim School Instructor – Willamette University Aquatics – Paid, Part-Time
  • 21788 Car Wash Attendant – Washman – Paid, Part-Time
  • 21737 Receptionist and Lunch Relief – Willamette University Hallie Ford Museum of Art – Paid, Part-Time
  • 21703 Innovation Instructor/Counselor/Leader – Galileo Learning – Paid, Full-Time
  • 21513 Summer Conference Assistant – WU Scheduling, Events, & Summer Conferences – Paid, Full-Time
  • 21579 Summer Camp Staff – Gales Creek Camp – Paid, Full-Time
  • 21542 Youth Programs Assistant – WU Scheduling, Events & Summer Conferences – Paid, Part-Time



Environmental Jobs in Oregon

The Pacific Northwest is full of jobs pertaining to the field of environmental science. The Evergreen State College’s website has up-to-date job postings relating to this field. Learn more.

Government Jobs Available in Salem, OR

Student Office Worker – apply

Child Support Assistant - apply

Office Specialist - apply

Child Support Student Office Worker - apply

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