Programs beyond the Peace Corps

Catholic Network of Volunteer Service

A non-profit membership organization of 200 domestic and international volunteer and lay mission programs. Currently, more than 10,000 volunteers and lay missioners serve in these programs throughout the U.S. and in 108 other countries.


This interdenominational organization is centered on training and education in medicine, nutrition, working in nutrition rehabilitation centers, sanitation development and primary health care. Projects are a minimum of one year and are located in Bangladesh, Mexico, El Salvador, Sierra Leone, Honduras, Nigeria, Guatemala and Sudan. Fluency in Spanish is required for Latin American placement, and applicants must have a degree in public health, nutrition, agriculture, engineering or medicine. Volunteer benefits include a monthly stipend, housing, food, transportation and insurance.


Lend a hand as a volunteer staff for research expeditions, leading scholars and scientists, or environmental conservation programs for endangered species and habitats. Projects range from one week to an entire season, with volunteers choosing the dates, lengths, locations and types of projects they participate in. Earthwatch is a non-profit organization. Costs are minimized by pooling resources with team members and staying in hostels and camps. All expenses are tax deductible.

Food for the Hungry

Get involved ministering to both physical and spiritual hunger through this Christian, interdenominational organization in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the English program in Japan. Focus on community development, engineering and preventative health care.

Franciscan Outreach Association

Serve Chicago and its south suburbs through active outreach in shelters, soup kitchens, and half-way houses for ex-offenders and AIDS ministries. Projects are usually one year, but students will be accepted for shorter periods of time. Must be a willing, committed Christian, high school graduate and at least 20 years old. Benefits for volunteers include room and board and, for one year commitments, medical coverage.

Habitat for Humanity

Build and renovate homes for and with the inadequately sheltered in over 450 North American locations and 30 countries around the world. Habitat needs help with accounting, bookkeeping, clerical and office work, construction, public relations, word processing, graphic art, and photography. Projects range from short term to long term; three months to longer in the U.S. and three years overseas. Volunteers in the U.S. receive housing, food and stipend which is adjusted for couples and families.

World Teach

This non-profit social service organization places volunteers in countries that request assistance. Projects take place all over the world including, but not limited to, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Namibia, Poland, Russia, South Africa and Thailand. Most projects last for one year. Teach a variety of subjects such as English, math and science in private courses or in public schools in small or large cities. Volunteer benefits include housing, living allowance, health insurance, orientation and field support.