Jobs & Internships

Our most frequently asked question is "how do I find a job?" The answer is the same for everyone whether looking for on-campus jobs, internships, summer, part-time or full-time jobs.

You start by following this simple list - the "must-do" list - to find job openings.

  • You need to do these eight things at a minimum.
  • Start with #1 and don't quit until you get through #8.

The "Must-Do" Job Search Checklist for Willamette students

Watch our Job Search Strategies video:
Please take 5 minutes to watch this popular video before you start clicking around the listing sites because you will be able to create a smarter strategy after you see it

There are several programs that can help you succeed in the job search.


Willamette students and alumni have found these links to be useful in the job search: