Internships for Credit

An internship is a part-time or temporary job (both paid or unpaid) which includes learning or educational components. “Internships” have learning outcomes. Employers benefit from interns because bright and eager college students help their business succeed. Students benefit because they learn professional skills they will use in their future careers.

Career Development and Dean Gretchen Moon can help you receive academic credit for your internship. You can receive between .25-1 credit for IDS 194 Insight Internship depending on how many hours your work between your internship and additional Learning Contract. When determining how much credit you can receive for your internship, you should use the ratio of 120 hours to 1 credit for your calculations. Keep in mind that if you are enrolled in over 4.75 credits you may have to pay extra tuition. IDS 194 Insight Internship is a credit/no credit course. 

Required Steps to Register for IDS 194

  1. Have a discussion with Dean Moon to obtain permission to get academic credit for an internship.
  2. Follow the organization/agency steps for applying to the internship – which typically involves providing a resume and cover letter, and interviewing for the position.
  3. Review successful samples of required documents then email the following documents to Dean Moon <gmoon>.
    1. Internship Job Description
    2. Learning Contract
    3. Internship for Credit Agreement Signature Form

Suggestions for Potential Learning Outcome Assignments

Requirements for Receiving Credit for IDS 194

Every student will have a slightly different experience with IDS 194 due to their specific needs and internships. In order to receive credit all students must complete the following:

  • Reflective journal entries, uploaded frequently. Successful students refer to the acceptable journal requirements.
  • Final Report. A 3-page reflection that evaluates the progress you have made on the outcomes identified in the Learning Contract. 
  • Written Evaluation. At the end of your internship have your supervisor complete the Performance Evaluation. Submit this on WISE or contact Career Services.
  • Attend a closing meeting with a Dean Moon to evaluate the overall internship experience.

After being enrolled in IDS 194, you will begin to complete assignments from your Learning Contract. Dean Moon will track your progress and review the work you submit to the IDS 194 WISE page. On the WISE page you should upload:

  • Job Description
  • Learning Contract
  • Journal Entries (these must be done throughout the semester)
  • Final Report

Final Report 

The final report is essentially an expanded Journal assignment in which you combine and reflect upon and evaluate all your journal entries or internship activities to make a 3 page final report. Include concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract concepts, and reflection on professional development. 

Guide to Responsibilities

Each party has an important role in this process. Please refer to the table below to understand the different responsible for each party from the beginning of the process to the end. 

Creates job description and hires student Applies and agrees to job description 
Approves Learning Contract: syllabus, assignments, deadlines Develops Learning contract as part of the Internship course/experience.
Signs internship agreement Signs internship agreement Signs internship agreement
Sends signed Internship Agreement form to Registrar
Provides ongoing supervision of intern at worksite Visits internship site, establishes office hours and/or internship class Completes assignments, uploads journals to WISE, and is attentive to communication about IDS 194.
Conducts exit interview with job performance evaluation Receives supervisor performance evaluation and uploads a copy to WISE
Grades final paper and checks on Learning Objectives assignments Completes Final Report
Complete closing meeting Complete closing meeting

Is IDS 194 the course for you?

If your internship is within your major, there may be an established internship for credit course within your major (ex. IDS 275 Theories of Career Dev). If this is the case, be sure to talk to your professor to learn more.