What is an internship?

Essentially, it is a part-time or temporary job (paid or unpaid) which includes a learning component. Students are expected to learn about industries, jobs, work culture, and have an experience that prepares them for a career. Interns often do informational interviews, join staff meetings, keep a regular journal, conduct research, write reports, and submit a written project. Interns should receive a written employee performance review from their supervisor. Internships give students an opportunity to learn, and employers an opportunity to utilize student talent and skills.

There are three ways to find an internship - which are actually the same ways you find a full-time job.

  1. Look on JobCat. and other internet job posting sites including for-profit and volunteer organizations.
  2. Apply for established programs, grants, fellowships, and awards such as Presidential Interns, National Institute of Health, FSRP campus research jobs, Salem Hospital…
  3. Find opportunities through a referral from your network.

Watch our Job Search Strategies video
Please take 5 minutes to watch this popular video before you start clicking around the listing sites because you will be able to create a smarter strategy after you see it.

Internships for Academic Credit

If you need academic credit for your internships read the following requirements and guidelines (doc).