Resumes and Cover Letters

“Your resume is your first impression. A good resume isn’t enough to get you the job, but a poor resume is enough to knock you out of the running before you start.
Kelsey Kline, ’08.  Program Talent Manager, Intel 

A resume is meant to be a story, not a list. How does your story line up with the job you're looking for?”
John Olinger, ’05 CLA, ’07 Atkinson.  NIKE Global Brand Manager

3 steps to a successful resume:

Step 1:  Watch the two 4-minute videos on resume writing

Step 2: Login to the Optimal Resume tutorial, samples, and templates. 

Step 3:  Once you complete your resume and have it reviewed at Career Services, upload it to Handshake so you can submit it for any job you find there.

How do we evaluate resume quality? We use these checklists for resume and cover letter feedback: 

Resume Checklist

Cover Letter Checklist

Also, check out our Resume and Cover Letter Packet.  Students agree this is one of the most important handouts.