The Adventure begins...

The Career Center’s job is to jumpstart your career plan. Here’s a nifty way to start. Just do it – just do the following four projects - no excuses, no procrastination, take no prisoners, no nothing. Each step takes a couple of hours. You probably waste that much time in one week of tweeting. Ha!

Start with My Profile.

  • ...It’s sorta like career testing. It helps you explain yourself and proves that people who are like you actually find careers - no matter how weird or normal.

Then do the other 3 things in whatever order you want.

  • ...You need to have a resume and cover letter (Credentials). Everyone requires it – employers, volunteer organizations, nosey parents, etc. Do a resume, sample cover letter, and by the way – on Optimal Resume you can create a cool professional web page. Easy peasy.

  • ...You need to be able to interview (Qualifications). So practice, for heaven’s sake. Watch the video, practice answering questions, and figure out what employers will ask. We guarantee that with only 2-3 hours of practice on the Optimal Resume Interviewing Module you will ace the interview.

  • ...You need to create a marketable Brand other than Facebook. Create your profile, talk to people about their careers, and learn the secrets to successful job hunting. It’s all right there under “My Brand.”

Remember – this just gets you started. There are flying monkeys, poppy fields and wicked witches along the road. Need a helping hand? We got hands at the Career Center.