My Brand: "Enough about me. So what do YOU think about me?"

Create a professional brand that communicates your strengths. Then talk to employers, alumni, and supervisors. See what they think about you and your future, and then use that to get hooked up to the right job or future opportunity.

Step 1

Create a LinkedIn profile and join the LinkedIn Willamette University Alumni group. It's important to have a full profile. A minimum profile is less professional.

A) Paste everything contained in your resume into the LinkedIn Profile fields because employers actually scan your profile to find qualified candidates for job openings.

B) Add a nice professional picture/headshot so that others will remember you more easily, but determine your own comfort level.

C) Use the search box to find companies, organizations, people, etc. When you get interesting results, join or ask to be connected. Invite several people to connect with you and ask for a recommendation from a supervisor, professor, coach, etc.

D) Join some groups such as, professional associations, groups that reflect your major, hobbies, sports, research, etc.

E) Post a couple comments or questions in a discussion group and see what response you get

Step 2

Informational Interviewing

Read the handout (pdf) on informational interviewing.

There's also a section on informational interviews in the job search video.

Your Assignment: Complete at least one informational interview (academic, industry, non-profit, or government) based on your interests. Need help finding a person to interview? Contact Career Services, Alumni Career Network, or explore your LinkedIn or Facebook contacts. It's pretty easy to find someone to talk to. It's always best if you can get a hold of someone local and talk to them face to face. And you can always attend an informational interview with a friend which makes it even more fun.

Requirement: Complete a one-page reflection paper answering the following questions:

  • What did you learn or confirm about the career you discussed?
  • What questions did you ask that provided the best information for you?
  • What additional information do you need to better prepare for a career?

Step 3

Watch the 4 minute video – it has a section on informational interviews within the job search.

Then, complete the short worksheet: My Brand Response Activity

Required: Submit the following to your professor:

  1. Your LinkedIn url,
  2. Info Interview reflection,
  3. My Brand Response Activity.

Submit these assignments per instructions from your advisor or professor: WISE drop box, email or hard copy, etc.