My Credentials...Got paperwork?

An excellent resume and cover letter gets you interviews, bad paperwork gets you ignored. Take the extra effort to get that interview. Here's how:


Task 1

Watch the two 4-minute videos on resume writing

Task 2

Login to the Optimal Resume tutorial, samples, and templates.

If you have already created a resume using Optimal Resume, then please review/update it using the examples provided and send it to the Career Center as a Word document for feedback. Then submit it to your professor.

If you did not use Optimal Resume to write your original resume, please re-work it using this program because it provides quality examples customized for Willamette students that have received excellent reviews from employers.

Task 3

Once you complete your resume and have it reviewed, upload it to JobCat so you can submit it for any job you find there. Submit your resume to your professor as instructed and make it available to your advisor and career counselor.

How do we grade resume quality? 

We use these rubrics for resume and cover letter feedback: