The Adventure begins...

A pathway to jumpstart your career plan.

Roadmap to Success

Here is the path to success in college. Just complete the activities in each sign post. They will give you direction, suggestions, assistance, and resources.

My Credentials

We have surveyed hundreds of employers to find the secrets of a powerful college level resume and cover letter. You must be able to show employers what skills, experiences, and abilities you have in order for them to hire you. Follow this road sign to create a resume employers will notice.

Step One

My Profile

You are one of a kind - a unique person.  My Profile helps you assess who you are, figure out what you can do with who you are, and be able to claim your skills and personality strengths so that you can find your place in the world.  View resources and exercises that help with choosing a major and career. 

Step Two

My Brand

Creating your brand and communicating it to others enables you to find internships, jobs, and long-term careers. Build your professional and personal network through online apps and interactions with people.  Alumni can introduce you to many opportunities, and this road sign shows you the steps to do that. 

Step Three


It is critical that you learn how to interview well.  Did you know that good interviewing skills can be learned with a little practice?   The secret is using the STAR method of storytelling.  You will impress employers, researchers, and anyone who interviews you.  Go here for the secret to interview success. 

Step Four

Need a helping hand?

Remember – The Roadmap just gets you started. We all hit bumps in the road, lose our way, and need to get our bearings.  Career Development provides coaching, advisement, programs, and resources to keep you moving forward on your journey through college.  Contact us soon, we are here to help. 

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