Vocational Discernment Retreats

Vocational Discernment Retreat

VDR Participants, Fall 2014.

Vocational Discernment is all about understanding who you are and using that information to make life choices that are a good fit. It's all about creating your best lifestyle.

These retreats are for students interested in knowing their authentic selves, creating a vision for their future, and reflecting on their life purpose and passions.

Vocational Discernment Retreats give you time to reflect on your values, your strengths, your future, and next steps you can take in your life-path. You will leave with a clearer sense of self, a community of students seeking similar understanding, and a variety of reflection activities/tools to help you build and continue to live an authentic life. Please note: the retreat is focused on the process of self-discovery and the fulfillment of one’s authentic self and does not focus on specific careers or the nuts and bolts of getting a job.

Transportation, food, lodging, and supplies are all provided. Attendance is open to all class years; participants must be current Willamette students. For more information, contact Vocational Discernment in Career Services on UC3 or at career-services@willamette.edu.

Sponsored by the Career Center, funded by the Lilly Project.

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Quotes from Participants
  • "Through various reflection tools, I got a clearer sense of my core strengths and values. I learned that not everyone will be 100% happy with what they are doing, but the career with more of my core values will make me happier." [Fall 2014]
  • "I feel a lot more relaxed now. I really needed this time to step back and really examine my values and my current life. I feel like I have a better idea of who I am." [Fall 2014]
  • "Love the cabins, food, and environment. It's a nice place for relaxing and calming down to think about the future." [Fall 2014]
  • "I've learned about other students' ideas and reflected on my personal ideas." [Fall 2014]