Return from Abroad Retreats

This retreat is for anyone returning from an abroad experience: research, study abroad programs, etc., Willamette related or other.


”I feel a lot better about my study abroad experience, and how it will impact my future. I was really struggling with the impact of all that happened when I was abroad, but now things are easier to process"

Coming home from an off-campus study program or doing research in another country often means struggling to get back into the swing of things. Adjustments to lifestyle, return to academic rigor and change in many can be challenging. The Return from Abroad Retreat was established to help WU students through transitions like this - making meaning of their experiences, helping them place their abroad experiences in the context of their lives back home, and helping them learn what they have to teach each student about him/herself.

The goal of this retreat is engaging together with good food, good company, and a relaxing time away from the busy pace of WU life. Willamette students returning from off-campus study/research programs will help each other process and reflect on their abroad experience and what it means for each of them. (The off-campus study/research program does not have to be one sponsored by WU.)

For more information about this free retreat, please contact Career Services on the third floor of the University Center or email If you email, please be sure to put "Returner Retreat" in the subject heading.

Sponsored by the Career Center, funded by the Lilly Project.


"I don't think I realized how much I grew and changed until the retreat gave me the tools to think through those things."

RfA2015 Group Photo