Individual Vocational Discernment Sessions

Students who might benefit from individual discernment counseling...

  • Want to make the most out of their Willamette experience
  • Are looking for meaningful ways of connecting with the Willamette or Salem communities
  • Are not sure what they want to do with their lives
  • Want to spend time identifying or reflecting on values, strengths, interests, life passions
  • Are looking for direction
  • Want to discuss what their work or campus experiences might contribute to their future
  • Are exploring future options
  • Wonder why they are here
  • Want to talk about if a major is a good fit for them
  • Wonder what they might be able to do with their degree
  • Want coaching in professional development or leadership skills

Career Development can offer students support through vocational discernment counseling (sitting down to chat about these and related topics) in order to help them focus their thoughts in these areas.

The goal of vocational discernment counseling is to help students apply their critical thinking skills in intentional ways to their own lives. Career Development offers students viable, practical ways of making connections between their passions and talents, what they are learning from their liberal arts education, and their futures.

Students who would like to arrange an individual session should call Career Development 503-370-6413.