Office of the Chaplains

Willamette University was founded by Jason Lee and the same Methodist missionaries who opened the Oregon territory to U.S. settlement in the late 1830's. True to its roots, Willamette recognizes the significance of spirituality and religion in personal and community life.

The Office of the Chaplains offers a wide variety of opportunities which foster spiritual growth and understanding as well as religious commitment and action. The chaplains are charged to work with persons of all religious persuasions -- and of none. Proselytizing is not part of the program; progress along one's own path is.

A wide variety of opportunities

  • University Convocation brings speakers, musicians or other performers -- often with a spiritual or ethical message to Cone Chapel every Thursday when Liberal Arts classes are in session, 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Check out the history of Convocation in this article!
  • Pastoral counseling dealing with spiritual, vocational or personal issues is available to all members of the university community.
  • The office of the chaplains provides programming throughout the year designed to enhance engagement around theological, ethical and spiritual issues.
  • Big Questions Over Lunch; Salem Peace Lecture; Symposia; lectures; workshops and occasional inter-denominational worship on special occasions; Baccalaureate; mindfulness meditation.
  • The Office of the Chaplains/Lilly Project Library with its collection of biblical and theological reference materials, devotional literature, vocational resources and current religious magazines is open during regular business hours for browsing. Some materials may also be loaned to members of the campus community.

Religious Demographics

Students: Please take our Religious Preference Survey to provide us with demographical information and to assist us in our programming.