April 13, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Jim Ames, Cindy Anderson, Carol Black, Holli Davenport, Debbie Epperly, Rita Hinchcliff, Janet Jobes, Reyna Meyers, Ramona Murtha, Leslie Wright and Heather Paetsch (guest)

Vice President Cindy Anderson called the meeting to order at 10:20.
Minutes The minutes of the March meeting were approved as distributed.
Treasurer's Report
Holli Davenport
Opening balance
March Luncheon Receipts
50/50 drawing receipts
Bon Appétit - March
Take a Break (Reyna Meyers)
Luncheon expenses
Refreshments for March meeting
Mugs for new employees
Closing balance
May Awards Luncheon
Carol Black and
Heather Paetsch

Human Resources would like to combine the classified and administrative awards luncheons.

It had been suggested that awards be presented at the picnic, but Carol thought the events were too different in their purposes.

Sharon received positive responses to her email about the idea.

Recent attendance statistics for the two luncheons indicate that the Cat would be large enough for a combined luncheon, but there are alternatives at that time of the year if attendance gets too large (Goudy or Cone Fieldhouse).

Combining the two events would allow a larger budget.

Heather Paetsch has talked to the two “of the year” committees about the possibility. Responses from both were positive.

Council felt that this is a good idea and would like to try it.

Scholarship Fund
Council discussed three options for a deposit from our account to the scholarship fund: $500, $1,000 or 50% of the ending balance. The preference (0 to 1 to 7) was 50% of the year-end balance.
Food Drive
Holli Davenport
The campus raised 1,091 pounds of food and $338 (1,429 total) for the March food drive for Marion-Polk Food Share.
Student Scholarship
Recognition Day

Ramona Murtha
Ramona distributed schedules and encouraged staff to try to attend.
April Luncheon
Jim Ames

Planning is going well.

The menu will be picnic foods (hamburgers, potato salad, chips, soda).

Grounds will bring plants for centerpieces and birdhouses and birdfeeders are being built for door prizes. Several of the vendors maintenance woks with are also donating door prizes.

Paper Reduction
The following offices/areas have agreed to receive a single invitation to be routed: Grounds, Mail Center, Word Processing, UC 2nd floor, Law Library, Registrar, Campus Safety, Bishop Wellness Center and TIUA. Several individuals also asked to receive only email notification of luncheons.
2006-07 Luncheons
The Council agreed on the dates for luncheons in 2006-07. Holli will make the reservations for the Cat Cavern. Decisions about which group plans which month will be determined at the May meeting when new representatives will also be at the meeting.
Safety Committee
Ramona Murtha
CPR/AED training sessions will be held on April 27.
Fringe Benefits Committee
Carol Black

H.R. has re-ordered insurance cards for Pioneer participants who haven’t yet received them.

Enrollment for AFLAC has been extended through April.

Campus Master Planning Committee
Holli Davenport

The committee discussed options for a location for a new academic building and possible short-term and long-term uses for the YWCA building after the Y vacates.

Grounds is going to install an equipment shed next to their building.

The Landscape Stewardship Committee is discussing plantings around Waller and on the southeast corner of campus (12th and Bellevue).

The meeting adjourned at 11:20 am.

Holli Davenport