February 9, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Cindy Anderson, Carol Black, Holli Davenport, Rita Hinchcliff, Reyna Meyers, Sharon White, Debbie Williams, Leslie Wright and Mary Ann Zielinski

President Sharon White called the meeting to order at 10:15.
The minutes of the January meeting were approved as distributed.
Treasurer’s Report
Holli Davenport
Opening balance
January Luncheon Receipts
50/50 drawing receipts
Bon Appétit - January
Northwest Medical Teams (David Loos)
Luncheon expenses
Mugs for new employees
Closing balance

Sharon suggested that there be refreshments at Council meetings, paid for from our budget.

There was a motion (seconded) to provide refreshments through the Bistro every month. The motion was approved unanimously.


Cindy suggested that there might be a place for a FreeCycle web site at Willamette so members of the campus community could offer usable items they no longer need to members of the campus community. (See FreeCycleSalem.)

She suggested setting it up as a mailgroup that would be accessible to the campus community only.

Cindy will talk to WITS (their policies may not allow it).

Leslie said she has talked to Joe Bowersox (chair of the Sustainability Committee) about this kind of program.

Classified Employees
Scholarship Fund

Kristen Friesen has talked with Sharon about establishing a scholarship fund. It would be up to the Council to determine the qualifications.

Those present decided the scholarship should be:

  • Need-based
  • Designated for books, room and board or class fees, depending on the need of the student
  • Awarded to a student from Marion or Polk Counties.

Is it possible to use some money from our budget as seed money for the scholarship? Holli will check with Bob Olson.

In addition to direct employee contributions, the Council decided to create and sell a cookbook (or possibly several thematic cookbooks). Cindy agreed to chair a committee to create the book(s). Sharon and Debbie volunteered to be on the committee. Holli will send an email asking if there are other classified staff who would like to help organize the book(s). (Carol said she has a number of cookbooks of this type from which recipes could be gleaned if needed.) Maybe we could advertise this at the Fringe Benefits Fair.

Luncheon Survey

Holli distributed copies of the compiled survey (16 pages). We received 53 responses.

A comment about classified, faculty and administrative lunches re-enforcing employee divisions generated a great deal of discussion. Carol said she would really like to have everyone together, especially for awards in May, but there really isn’t a large enough venue on campus.

The Council decided to take time to read the comments carefully and discuss the results at the next meeting. After that discussion the results will be posted on the web for 30 days, accessible only by a link in an email.

What do we do with this information?

It was suggested that we create a “Luncheon Coordinator” position to work with all of the areas as they plan their luncheons.

February Luncheon
Rita reported on plans for the luncheon. It sounds like it will be a fun gathering.
March Luncheon
“March Madness” will feature an Alice in Wonderland theme (no tea party, though) with a simple menu.
Vegetarian Menus

Leslie talked with Bon Appétit staff about vegetarian options.

Bon Appétit cooks with vegan ingredients (vegetable oil, vegetable stock, vegetable-based gelatin), so unless there is meat in the name of an item, it’s probably ok for vegetarians.

The Bon Appétit website is being updated. The new version (scheduled to be up by late March) will include more information on vegetarian options.

If asked, Bon Appétit will include small signs on buffet tables indication the name of a dish and if it is suitable for vegetarians.

Electronic Timesheets

The article in “Bits, Bytes, & Nibbles” has generated some controversy. One staff member commented that the concept makes it seem like “the university doesn’t trust us.”

Cindy explained that the card swipe system was developed for the Physical Plant where many staff don’t have ready access to computers. Most staff would access their timesheet through Jason and it would be similar to the electronic timesheets now in use for work-study staff.

Carol explained that the reason we have timesheets is to comply with labor law that requires tracking of hours worked by non-exempt employees (those eligible for over-time) whether they are hourly or salaried.

Fringe Benefits Committee
Carol Black

The Emeriti Program subcommittee (Kristen Grainger, Bob Olson, Tricia Durgin and Chris Harris) will begin meeting in March to develop a recommendation to present to the Administrative Council.

Our health plan is changing its name to Pioneer Educators Health Trust and is contracting with a new third party administrator called Core Source, all effective April 1st.

Health insurance increases for the new plan year are amazingly low considering the current health insurance market. One significant change in the Pioneer plan will be a $5.00 increase in the co-pay amount in each of the two upper tiers for prescription drugs.

The Fringe Benefits Fair will be March 2 in the Montag Student Center.

Action items from the last meeting:

  • Recommendation to the Executive Committee that the university pay the cost of Benny Cards for flexible spending accounts.
  • Recommendation that the grace period to request reimbursement to incur and turn in health insurance bills be increased for our plan.

The Met Life supplemental life insurance program offering was very successful.

There were no additional committee reports due to time constraints. They may be given at next month’s meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45 am.

Holli Davenport