January 12, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Cindy Anderson, Carol Black, Galin Brown, Karen Cristobal, Holli Davenport, Debbie Epperly, Rita Hinchcliff, Reyna Meyers, Ramona Murtha, Debbie Williams and Leslie Wright

Vice President Cindy Anderson called the meeting to order at 10:25.
Holli Davenport
The minutes of the December meeting were approved as distributed.
Treasurer’s Report
Holli Davenport
Opening balance $4,691.33
December Luncheon Receipts 969.00
Door prize drawing receipts 800.00
Bon Appétit - December (1,144.00)
3 families & SOS ($200 ea) (812.97)
Luncheon expenses (49.44)
Closing balance $4,453.92

The $12.97 above the $800 collected for the door prize drawing was for cards to accompany the checks to the families and bank fees for cashier’s checks.

“Luncheon expenses” includes October & December Copy Center and December centerpieces.

Safety Committee
Galin Brown

A safety railing will be installed soon at Sparks Pool.

The carpet in the Sparks Multipurpose Room needs to be replaced for sanitary reasons. Leslie said it had been cleaned and disinfected over the break and that helped a little. Thank you, Debbie Williams, for vacuuming the ceiling and vents in that room!

Fringe Benefits Committee
Debi Mosman (email
and Carol Black

Debi sent Cindy an email in which she reported that the committee did not meet in either November or December. She said health insurance would be on the agenda for the January meeting. Discussions in previous months were on the Emeritus Program and the change in life insurance carriers.

Carol said the January meeting has been postponed to give time to prepare the data for the health insurance renewal discussion.

A sub-committee is working on an implementation plan for the Emeritus Program.

Open enrollment will be mid-February through mid-March.

Campus Master
Planning Committee

Holli Davenport

At its last meeting the committee discussed a proposal for further technology infrastructure upgrades.

The committee will discuss 06-07 major projects at its next meeting on February 1.


Debbie Epperly reported that preparations are proceeding for the January luncheon.

Facilities Services is hosting the February luncheon. Rita asked that anyone who knows a magician or comedian please contact her.

New Business
Employee of the Year

The “winners” from last year (2004-05) form the committee, which is chaired by the employee of the year from the year before (2003-04).

The committee should be starting the nominating process very soon.

Sexual Harassment Information Sessions
Carol Black

Carol reported that one of the sessions for supervisors and one of the sessions for non-supervisors were taped, but they’re not sure yet how they’re going to use the tapes (group sessions or by checking the appropriate tape out to individuals). They hope to put the tape on a CD so it could be made available to new employees to watch on their computer.

Carol was asked what kind of training students receive, especially those in work-study positions. Some information is included for first year students during Opening Days, but that doesn’t really address work situations. Perhaps a copy of the non-supervisor tape could be kept at the Hatfield Library in the same way as “Coaching the Van Driver.”

The meeting adjourned at 11:45.

Holli Davenport