March 9, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Cindy Anderson, Carol Black, Karen Cristobal, Holli Davenport, Debbie Epperly, Rita Hinchcliff, Janet Jobes, Ramona Murtha, Sharon White, Leslie Wright and Mary Ann Zielinski
President Sharon White called the meeting to order at 10:20.
The minutes of the February meeting were approved as distributed.
Treasurer’s Report
Holli Davenport
Opening balance
February Luncheon Receipts
50/50 drawing receipts
Bon Appétit - February
Birthright of Salem (Jolene Gerlits)
Luncheon expenses
(includes invitations for Feb. & March luncheons and door prizes for Night Crew in December)
Cookies for February meeting
Bistro Charge account set-up fee
Closing balance
Classified Employees Scholarship Fund

Holli checked with Bob Olson about transferring funds from our budget to the scholarship fund. He said that since it’s not an endowed scholarship, it would be all right to make such a transfer.

It was suggested that we transfer $1,000. No action was taken on the suggestion.

Do we want to make it an endowed scholarship?

Luncheon Survey
There did not seem to be a consensus on any topic for which we had requested input – except about the location for the luncheon (Cat Cavern). The Council decided to try various suggestions occasionally and find other productive ways to use the information that’s been gathered.
Upcoming Luncheons
Planning for the March luncheon is on track. There was no report about the April luncheon.
Safety Committee
Ramona Murtha

CPR/First Aid training is back on track. The committee hopes to begin holding training sessions over the summer.

The committee discussed the possibility of adding lighting at McCulloch Stadium (between the entry gate and seating).

The curtains at the top of the aisles at Smith Auditorium have been removed. They didn’t work and were a safety hazard.

Fringe Benefits Committee
Carol Black

The committee did not meet this month, so Carol had no new information.

The Fringe Benefit Fair got good reviews.

Open Enrollment continues through March 15.

Campus Master Planning Committee
Holli Davenport

At the February 1 meeting:

  • There was a report from Dean Carol Long on the preliminary discussions about the new academic building scheduled to open in the fall of 2009.
  • Dean Long also talked about the long-term space needs of the School of Education and Willamette Academy.
  • Jennifer Roney brought a proposal for office space for the Atkinson School’s Executive Development Center.

The March 1 meeting agenda included:

  • A preliminary discussion with architect Paddy Tillett about updating the Campus Master Plan
  • A proposal from the CLA Class of ’06 for a class gift (a sign for Sparks Field)
  • A proposal for a memorial to former track and cross-country coach Chuck Bowles
  • An initial look at the list of major maintenance projects for 2006-07.
Copy Reduction

Shirley Priepke gave a presentation to CLA faculty administrative assistants about reducing the amount of paper used on campus for publicity, etc.

Perhaps we could reduce the number of copies of invitations. Departments that would like to receive a single copy of luncheon invitations to post in a common area should contact Holli. She will need to know the names of everyone who would be included in the single invitation. Likewise those who choose not to participate in luncheons could ask to have their name removed from the invitation list.

The meeting adjourned at 11:20 am.

Holli Davenport