May 11, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Jim Ames, Cindy Anderson, April Bartosz, Carol Black, Diane Bolen, Sandy Booth, Karen Cristobal, Holli Davenport, Joyce Fargo, Rita Hinchcliff, Reyna Meyers, Ramona Murtha, Leonard Snodgrass, Sharon White, Leslie Wright and Mary Ann Zielinski

President Leonard Snodgrass called the meeting to order at 10:15 am.
The minutes of the April meeting were approved as published.

Treasurer's Report
Holli Davenport

Opening Balance 1706.67
April Luncheon Receipts 385.00
50/50 (Leonard Snodgrass) 45.50
Bon Appétit - April -972.00
To Union Gospel Mission -45.50
Luncheon expenses
Copy Center - March table decorations -.80
Closing balance $1,118.87
Holli will write to Kristen Grainger to ask that we be allowed to carry over budget left at the end of the year as a hedge against increased costs.

Everyone introduced themselves since new representatives and alternates were present from Areas 1, 3 and 4.

Sharon introduced Cindy Anderson, who has been elected Vice President for 2005-06 (and President for 2006-07).

Safety Committee Report
No report
Fringe Benefits Committee Report
Sandy Booth

At the April 27 meeting Keith reported that 136 employees opted to participate in flexible spending, which is down a little from last year.

203 employees signed up for Kaiser-Permanente health coverage, up from 191 last year. 376 signed up for OICEBT, down from 388 last year.

OICEBT is changing its name to something easier to remember.

The new dedicated USI liaison for OICEBT is Cindy Wray, a former benefits/HRIS manager from Lewis and Clark. This will be very good for the consortium since she understands the Trust and has experience working with it from both perspectives.

Beginning in the fall, parking permit fees will be paid from pre-tax dollars if they are paid by payroll deduction. The committee suggests monthly payments rather than a single payment since there can be no reimbursement of full payment if an employee leaves the university.

The committee is looking at the possibility of combining the Fringe Benefits and Wellness Committees and about the possibility of a university-sponsored program to help employees stop smoking.

Keith is working on a survey about fringe benefit issues.

Facilities Planning Committee
Holli Davenport

Construction/remodeling projects for the summer include:

  • New turf and lights on Sparks Field
  • An addition to CLA Admission at WISH – much of the staff will be relocated to the UC (reception in the Bistro, counselors in the ASWU and Greek & Religious Organizations offices and classified staff in the Publications Room)
  • Remodeling of staff work space at the Hatfield Library
  • Classroom and office remodeling at Atkinson and Law (and classroom furniture replacement at Law)
  • Information technology conduit trenching
  • A number of roof replacements

Groundbreaking for the Kaneko Commons will be Saturday, May 14, at 2:00.

May Awards Luncheon
Carol Black
All is ready except for last minute details. The 2005 Employee of the Year has been selected and will be announced at the luncheon.
All-Campus Picnic
Diane Bolen

Representatives were encouraged to talk with people in their areas about volunteering to help.

Help is needed with set-up, tear-down and staffing booths (especially for later shifts) Booths will be closed if no one has signed up to work at a given time.

April reminded the Council that volunteers for some tasks will be rewarded with drawing tickets.

Professional Development Day
Carol Black

The committee has a great program planned.

About 240 people responded to the survey. The responses were pretty evenly spread between classified staff, administrators and faculty.

This is not a diversity-training program. It’s a time to identify diversity issues and discuss possible ways to resolve problems and recommend them to the president.

Most of the issues raised in the surveys are subtle, but very real.

The planning committee is open to anyone who would like to participate. It meets all year.

PDD is becoming an annual event that Carol would not be surprised to see become a full-day event when funding becomes available.

Area and By-Laws Revisions

Holli distributed copies of the revisions and of a possible ballot. Leonard explained the rationale behind each for those new to the Council.

Holli will send an email with the revisions attached and Leonard will put a ballot on the web.

2005-06 Luncheons
Wednesday, September 21 Area 4
Wednesday, October 19 Area 3
Wednesday, November 16 Area 5
Wednesday, December 14 Council (VP Chair)
Wednesday, January 18 Area 2
Wednesday, February 15 Area 7
Wednesday, March 15 Area 1
Wednesday, April 19 Area 6
Thursday, May 18 Human Resources (Awards)
PLEASE NOTE: Because of the recent reconfiguration of areas, Area 6 is Maintenance and Grounds staff and Area 7 is Facilities Services staff.