November 10, 2005 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Cindy Anderson, Carol Black, Holli Davenport, Debbie Epperly, Reyna Meyers, Ramona Murtha, Sharon White, Leslie Wright and Mary Ann Zielinski

President Sharon White called the meeting to order at 10:15.

Minutes The minutes of the October meeting were approved as distributed.
Treasurer’s Report
Holli Davenport
Opening balance
October Luncheon Receipts
50/50 (Mary Ann Zielinski)
Bon Appétit - October
To Red Cross
Luncheon expenses
Closing balance
The Bon Appétit charge for the luncheon includes the cost of two meals for United Way guests and five for the cheer squad for the program.


Safety Committee
Ramona Murtha

The committee is working with a grant from the Professional Development Committee (formerly the Professional Development Day Committee) to begin First Aid and CPR training. The grant will cover the cost of the training.

Fringe Benefits Committee
Carol Black

At its last meeting, the committee heard a presentation from a representative of Emeriti in New York. It is a consortium through the Mellon Foundation that offers health benefits to post-65 retirees. The program is pre-funded by employees and employers to pay the premiums on a post-retirement Medicare supplement. The committee is seriously considering recommending a plan of this kind to the Administrative Council.
Facilities Planning Committee
Holli Davenpor

The Willamette campus meets all the criteria to be considered an arboretum. Ron Nichols is working to obtain an official designation.

A Landscape Stewardship Committee has been formed with the goal of protecting campus grounds and significant plantings. As we begin significant building and renovation on campus, the committee wants to be proactive rather than reactive about the effects on the grounds and landscaping.

Kaneko Commons: The planning phase has been completed and most of the permits have been obtained. The excavation for the south wing foundation had been done and the foundation has been poured last week. This project will be the campus benchmark for sustainable building.

The renovation work at Waller should be done by early next semester (weather permitting). Because so much weather damage was found around the windows on all the other floors, the stained glass windows in the Chapel have also been checked. Several of them will be removed for repair of the headings around them. The artist who designed the new windows for the 1985 renovation is assisting with the removal and reinstallation.

The next major building project will be a new academic building to open by fall ’08 or ’09. A location hasn’t been determined.

There was a question about what happens to Haseldorf Apartments when the Kaneko Commons opens. The building will probably be razed eventually because it would cost too much to bring it up to code. Leslie said she hopes that the university will be able to reclaim/salvage some of the woodwork when that happens.

Old Business

Some staff have expressed concern about the increase in the price of the lunches. Carol told us that the price has also been increased for the administrators’ monthly luncheons, so it’s the same as ours.

Concerns have also been expressed about menu, service from Bon Appétit, “elaborate” table decorations, proliferation of door prizes, etc.

Holli and Cindy will put together an online survey to determine what the majority of the staff wants the luncheons to be. (Paper copies will be available for anyone who has limited web access.)

December Luncheon and
Night Crew Meal
The Council spent the remaining time planning for the December luncheon and the meal for the night crew.

The meeting adjourned shortly after 11:50.

Holli Davenport