October 13, 2005 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Cindy Anderson, Holli Davenport, Rita Hinchcliff, Janet Jobes, Reyna Meyers, Ramona Murtha, Sharon White, Leslie Wright and Mary Ann Zielinski
Guests: Sue Bloom and Michelle Duchateau

President Sharon White called the meeting to order at 10:20. She welcomed everyone and introduced Michelle Duchateau and Sue Bloom from the United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley.
Treasurer’s Report
Holli Davenport
Beginning Balance $5,549.00
September Luncheon Receipts 420.00
Bon Appétit - September -550.00
Luncheon expenses -80.16
Mugs for new employees -48.65

Closing Balance


We also collected $135 for the American Red Cross at the luncheon for Hurricane Katrina relief. That money was deposited directly to the university Red Cross matching account.

New Business

United Way
Michelle Duchateau
and Sue Bloom

United Way has not made a big impact on Willamette recently for a variety of reasons and they hope that will change this year.

United Way supports fifty-one programs at thirty-one not-for-profit organizations that help people in Marion and Polk counties. There are programs for all ages, from infants to senior citizens providing basic food and shelter, education, counseling, and more. Many United Way agencies assist in the fight against methamphetamines by providing assistance to children removed from meth houses.

All funds collected by the local United Way are used in the area.

Contributions may be directed to specific agencies by naming them on a pledge or may be diverted from an agency by noting that funds not be used to support a specific agency.

Willamette is the second largest employer in Salem, but last year the per capita average giving was only slightly more than $5.

Contributions may also be directed to non-United Way agencies as long as they are registered as a 501C3 not-for-profit organization.

Decisions about which agencies receive funding and how much are made by panels of volunteers from the community, not by the United Way staff or board. Anyone who is interested in serving on one of these panels should contact the United Way.

Michelle and Susan will give a brief presentation at the October luncheon

October Luncheon
Mary Ann Zielinski

Tailgate party theme

Anyone who dresses to show team spirit (for any team) will receive an extra door prize ticket.

The Willamette Cheer Squad will provide the entertainment.

November Luncheon
Janet Jobes
Area 5 is thinking about a “Survivor” theme of some kind.
December Luncheon and
Night Crew Meal
The Council spent some time in preliminary planning for the December luncheon and meal for the night crew.
Safety Committee
Janet Jobes

The committee discussed the OSHA report at its last meeting. Overall the report was positive with a few areas that need to make some changes.

Representatives of the Department of Justice were on campus recently for an ADA compliance inspection.

Janet took part in a demonstration by Operation Lifesaver having to do with safety issues around railroad tracks. Participants rode in a special observation car that was equipped with cameras at the front and rear so riders could observe hazards. Signs have been posted near TIUA to let students know that it is illegal to walk on the tracks.

Fringe Benefits Committee No one from the committee was available to make a report.
Facilities Planning Committee
Holli Davenport

The Committee’s name has been changed to the Campus Master Planning Committee.

The Committee charge remains the same, but its guiding principles have change a little. They are:

  1. Give top priority to needs directly related to the University’s educational mission.
  2. Focus on providing facilities that enhance the quality of the University and it’s programs
  3. Retain green space.
  4. Maintain the University’s residential character.
  5. Promote facility design that allows flexibility of space use.
  6. Promote space efficiency through positioning of related activities.
  7. Seek cross-use of facilities (e.g. by two or more of its schools or departments).
  8. Recognize revenue and cost impacts.
  9. Promote sustainable design implementation which:
  10. Ensures appropriate access to space
  11. Assures that facilities are technology ready
  12. Seek energy efficiency
  13. Include sufficient storage space in new and renovated buildings

The committee will meet monthly. The first meeting is October 26.


The Council would like to begin introducing new staff at luncheons ourselves. This will also provide a way to introduce the Council. If there are Council members who don’t like to speak to large groups, other Council members are willing to make their introductions for them (Ramona volunteered specifically). We would like to begin making the introductions at the November luncheon.

Ramona mentioned that had heard that a couple of people had said that they don’t attend luncheons because their supervisor(s) doesn’t like it if the program runs over a little and that s/he is so busy s/he can’t get away from her/his desk. Ramona spoke to Keith and he asked that if we hear of anyone in that situation we encourage him or her to speak with him – for a couple of reasons. One is an issue of good will; supervisors/managers have been urged by HR to be flexible in allowing classified employees time to attend the luncheons. The other revolves around legal issues of breaks mandated by labor laws.

The meeting adjourned shortly after 11:30.

Holli Davenport