September 8, 2005 Meeting Minutes

Carol Black, Karen Cristobal, Holli Davenport, Debbie Epperly, Joyce Fargo, Rita Hinchcliff, Janet Jobes, Reyna Meyers, Ramona Murtha, Kathie San Blise, Leonard Snodgrass, Sharon White, Debbie Williams, Leslie Wright and Mary Ann Zielinski

President Sharon White called the meeting to order at 10:15.
The minutes of the May meeting were approved as distributed.
Treasurer's Report
Holli Davenport
2005-06 Allocation
2004-05 Cary Forward Balance
2005-06 Adjusted Beginning Balance
Luncheon Prices

After several years with no increase in price for Staff Luncheons, Bon Appétit now finds it necessary to increase the price to $6 per person for this semester and to $6.50 per person beginning in January (from $5.50 per person). (This still represents a subsidy on Bon Appétit’s part since the current catering menu lists buffet lunches as costing $9-$14.)

The Council decided to increase the amount charged each Classified Staff person to $4 for 2005-06.

On a related topic, the Council decided to increase the budget for invitations, decorations, etc. for luncheons to $105 per month, except December, which was increased to $245. This is the equivalent of $7/table for fifteen tables.

Holli will update the luncheon guidelines and send a copy to each area representative.

There was a brief discussion about door prizes during which it was noted that areas that want to ask for donations for door prizes from off campus businesses/organizations need to coordinate with Jill Munger in University Relations so companies aren’t asked by too many campus groups.

Goals/Ideas for Luncheons

Sharon had asked each representative to come with goals or ideas to improve luncheon attendance. These included:

  1. Fun and entertaining luncheons
  2. Spotlight someone (maybe have a special gift for them, but mostly learn more about individuals)
  3. Mix up seating so people can get to know people from other areas/departments.
  4. Special programs such as “the best time to plan a trip,” gardening hints – keep business to a minimum
  5. Does it always have to be a luncheon? What about a breakfast?
  6. More connections with students
  7. Send out an email to let the staff know we’re looking for talent for entertainment
  8. An etiquette luncheon
  9. Musical chairs, mixers
  10. Play “name games”
  11. Mixer – use 10 minutes or so to find people with certain characteristics (e.g., blue eyes, born in a particular city/state)
  12. Better-balanced menus
  13. Personal invitations (in addition to paper)
  14. Special gift for new people
  15. Extra door prize tickets (for doing something special – contribution, something around the luncheon theme, etc.)
  16. Occasional work party for a charity
  17. Dedicate this year to Katrina relief
  18. A door prize that’s a free lunch ticket for the next luncheon
  19. Representatives and/or alternates reach out to people who have never attended a luncheon (offer to buy their lunch, offer to sit with them, etc.)
  20. Pre-sell tickets

Some of these ideas have been tried in the past with varying degrees of success. Various Various areas may make use of these ideas throughout the year.

September Luncheon
Reyna Meyers

The theme will be “Under Construction” to highlight all the work that has been done on campus since Commencement and the menu will include “Build Your Own Baked Potato” and a “Wall of Brownies/Blondies.” Donations will be accepted for the Red Cross for hurricane relief instead of holding a 50/50 drawing. Jan Gardner or Gary Grimm will be invited to give an update on the various construction projects.
Safety Committee
Janet Jobes
Janet reported that emergency manuals should be coming out soon and that there was a recent OSHA inspection.
Fringe Benefites Committee
Carol Black

The committee will probably meet for the first time the last week in September. Keith Grimm is chairing the committee this year and will be contacting the Council about the need for a new member.

Keith has been talking with Salem Hospital about a flu shot clinic and we are on their list for a clinic if the vaccine becomes available.

Carol is planning the first Lunch and Learn session of the year for the last week in October. The topic will be ergonomics. She is thinking about sending out another survey for topic ideas.

A faculty member recently approached Debbie Williams about monitoring staff diversity. She has talked with Carol and is looking for feedback from various areas about if there is a need for such a process. Carol and Keith monitor university hiring practices and procedures.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

Holli Davenport