April 12, 2007 Meeting Minutes

UC, Autzen Room

Call to Order:

10:06 AM – 11:10 AM April


Attending: Cindy Anderson, Frank Bates, Sandy Booth, Dan Craig, Karen Cristobal, Holli Davenport, Janet Jobes, Jim Moyer, Ramona Murtha, Leslie Wright, Mary Ann Zielinski. Quorum was present.


Area #2 has no rep.

Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance:
Scholarship fund
476.50 Ending Balance:


The motion to pass the Minutes as presented was seconded:the motion passed 6-0

Old Buisness:

Scholarship-Two schoolarship awards will be given out on April 25th. Procedure Manual-Ramona Murtha The procedure manuals ae ready to be assembled.All represinitives should bring thier binders for updates. By Law Committee-Ramona Murtha The Vice President is to get the By Laws ballot on the web site for voting. Cookbook report-Karen Cristobal Six very devoted people are working on the cookbook comittee and the committee has done a lot of research on publishers regarding price.The publication of the cookbook will cost $5000.00-$8000.00 for 100 copies.Four companies will be looked at as possible publishers.The committee will use the scholarship fund as the big promotion push to sell the cookbooks.Karen will send out a call for recipes this week.President Cindy Anderson will seek funding for the cookbook project.

New Business:

New officers will be invited to the May meeting.Areas1,2,3 and 4 will elect new members.Vice President Dan Craig will run an election for area #2 to fill vacancies.