December 7, 2006 Meeting Minutes

December 7, 2006
10:07 AM - 11:30 AM
UC, Autzen Room

Attending: Cindy Anderson, Sandy Booth, Karen Cristobal, Debbie Epperly, Janet Jobes, Reyna Meyers, Jim Moyer, Ramona Murtha, Kathy San Blise, Leslie Wright.
Quorum was present. Visitor: Misaki Shimada.

President Cindy Anderson called the meeting to order at 10:07 a.m.


The motion to approve the November minutes as presented was seconded; the motion passed 6-0.

Treasurer Report

Sandy Booth reported the November ending balance as $5,341.51.


Scholarship - Cindy Anderson tabled the discussion until the January meeting.

Procedure Manual - Ramona Murtha
President Cindy Anderson tabled discussion until the January meeting.

By Law Committee - Ramona Murtha
The Committee discussed how to get the ballot up on the web for a vote.

Baby Changing Stations - Ramona Murtha
Kaneko has purchased two changing tables and the Classified Council lead the charge on the first changing table. Karen Cristobal suggested that we write a letter and send it to the planning committee so that future building sites have changing tables installed at the building process. The Council discussed the idea of having a plaque on the wall by the changing table so that people would know that the Willamette Classified employees donated the table.

Brag Box - Council Web Site
The council is working on the web site and is under construction at this time.

Cookbook Report - Karen Cristobal
Karen Cristobal will have a meeting on December 7th and will have more information at the first of the year.

Iraq Request - Cindy Anderson
Seven boxes were shipped out with John Wayne videos, CD's, cookies, books, magazines and socks.

December Luncheon Update - Cindy Anderson
Final plans were made for the luncheon and duties were assigned for the final preparations.
Night Crew December Luncheon - Cindy Anderson
Everything is ready for the night crews Christmas Party.


Luncheon Coordinator Report - Holli Davenport
No report.

Safety Committee Report - Ramona Murtha

Fringe benefits committee Report - Email Update
No report

Campus Master Planning Committee - Email Update
No report

Visitor - TIUA Students - Misaki Shimada
Misaki Shimada has been with TIUA for 17 years, he discussed with Classified Council a program that would help TIUA students to feel more at home with the Willamette Community and how we as Classified Employees could help. Suggestions ranged from having student come to our luncheon and teach us a few saying in Japan's so we could also feel more comfortable around them. Students have to learn English before coming to Willamette so they can speak English and would be happy to have someone say Hi to them from time to time.

Adjourned at 11:30.
Sandy Booth