January 11, 2007 Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2007
10:06 AM - 11:15 AM
UC, Autzen Room

Attending: Cindy Anderson, Sandy Booth, Dan Craig, Holli Davenport, Debbie Epperly, Debi Mosman, Jim Moyer,
Ramona Murtha, Leslie Wright. Quorum was present.

President Cindy Anderson called the meeting to order at 10:06 a.m.


The motion to approve the December minutes as presented was seconded; the motion passed 6-0.

Treasurer Report

Sandy Booth reported the December ending balance as $4,893.91.



Cindy Anderson will check on the criteria needed to establish the scholarship to be used for books or housing.

Procedure Manual - Ramona Murtha
President Cindy Anderson tabled discussion until the February meeting.

By Law Committee - Ramona Murtha
Leslie Wright will put the ballot on the web for voting. The ballot should go out at the end of January.

Baby Changing Stations - Ramona Murtha
A discussion on having handy wipes available or pads to lay the baby ended with getting to tables installed first.

Brag Box - Council Web Site
Having a separate page for the brag box where the Council and focus on stories regarding where the Classified employees help in the
Willamette community and the city of Salem community.

Cookbook Report - Karen Cristobal
No discussion.

December Luncheon Update - Cindy Anderson
The donations at the classified luncheon netted $900.00 and we were able to help three families at Christmas

with gift cards from Wal Mart, Shell Gas, and Fred Meyers.

Night Crew December Luncheon - Cindy Anderson
The night crew had a potluck dinner, which everyone enjoyed. They had drawings for prizes and everyone had a great time.


Replacement of Secretary - Sandy Booth is retiring in June and has one year left to fill on her two year term. When the Vice President
election is held in April there will be an election for a new secretary as well.

Luncheon Coordinator Report - Holli Davenport
No report.

Safety Committee Report - Ramona Murtha
No meetings nothing to report

Fringe benefits committee Report - Debi Mosman reported from the fringe benefits committee that Keith Grimm will be
conducting a survey of all employees regarding benefits.

Campus Master Planning Committee - Holli Davenport reported that the campus master plan would be done in house. The UC
will have a bike repair area. Students will be there to help people fix their own bikes. The location of the bike repair shop is in the UC
behind the Maps credit union.

Adjourned at 11:15.
Sandy Booth