November 9, 2006 Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2006
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
UC, Autzen Room

Attending: Cindy Anderson, Frank Bates, Dan Craig, Karen Cristobal, Holli Davenport, Reyna Meyers, Ramona Murtha, Kathy San Blise, Leslie Wright. Quorum was present.

President Cindy Anderson called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.


The motion to approve the October minutes as presented was seconded; the motion passed 7-0.

Treasurer Report

Leslie Wright reported the October ending balance as $5,070.35, including all October Luncheon totals.


Procedure Manual - Ramona Murtha

The Procedure Manual Committee decided to set the project on the back-burner until the By-Laws were ratified.

By Law Committee - Ramona Murtha

The Committee gave Vice President Dan Craig a copy of the ballot. Dan is working on getting it into DataStore, and creating an on-line ballot.

Baby Changing Stations - Ramona Murtha

One Baby Changing Station will cost $153.75 plus installation. President Cindy Anderson said Physical Plant will donate installation.
The Council voted 7-0 to use Council funds to order and pay for one Baby Changing Station to be installed in the Rogers Music Center women's bathroom.
President Cindy Anderson will order one, and put in a work order for installation.
President Cindy Anderson reported that the bathrooms in the new Kaneko will have Baby Changing Stations.
Vice President Dan Craig met with Wendy Gleason, and they are working on language to have 'non-gender specific bathrooms' [or 'Family bathrooms'] including Baby Changing Stations in all new buildings.

Brag Box - Council Web Site

President Cindy Anderson requested Staff send her ideas for the Brag Box.

Cookbook Report - Karen Cristobal

Karen Cristobal will send an email about the next meeting to Staff who have expressed an interest in helping. Karen has met with others at lunchtime to discuss about how to put together a WU cookbook.


Iraq Request

Kathie SanBlise asked the Council to help provide Care Packages to her son's unit, currently stationed in Iraq. There are 12 men in the unit. They would like cowboy-type DVDs, sweets, disinfecting wipes, magazines, and fun stuff. Ramona Murtha suggested Kathie check on restrictions. President Cindy Anderson will send an email to all Staff asking for donations.

December Lunch Date

The Council agreed to the theme of "The Twelve Days of Christmas".
Vice President Dan Craig reported that the 12/13 date for the December Luncheon and Night Crew Luncheon conflicts with the President's dinner on the same evening. The Council agreed to change the Luncheons to 12/12.

December Luncheon Update - Dan Craig

The Council agreed that all proceeds be donated to three Willamette University-community related families. We would get names via word of mouth.
Leslie Wright will do door prizes and centerpieces. Holli Davenport will do RSVP and table assignments. Council members will meet outside of regular Council Meeting time to work out the details for the luncheon.

Night Crew December Luncheon - Dan Craig

This will be in the Executive Building and will be a "pot-luck". Betsy and Reyna and Craig Meyers will help. It was suggested that the prizes be cognizant of gender.

Luncheon Coordinator Report - Holli Davenport

"All is well" with the November Luncheon. Holli will provide the collection barrels for Marion Polk Food Share.
Karen Cristobal suggested adding the Council web site to the Luncheon Invitations.
Another suggestions was making Luncheon RSVPs electronic, via DataStore or other method.

Scholarship Options - 11:00 Judy Basker

Judy Basker of Annual Giving explained how endowments work and provided a list of current scholarships. There is already a scholarship named for a Classified Employee - Ivan Bornholt. Council could go ahead with its own scholarship, or donate to already existing scholarships. Judy will send to Cindy some sample scholarship contracts to look at how they can be worded.
Judy reported that of the 265 Staff, 10-15% currently donate to Annual Giving.
If every employee donated $2.50/month, it would total $8,000/year.

Adjourned at 11:30.
Leslie Wright
Acting Secretary/Treasurer