October 12, 2006 Meeting Minutes


Cindy Anderson, Sandy Booth, Dan Craig, Karen Cristobal, Debbie Epperly, Reyna Meyers, Jim Moyer, Ramona Murtha, Sharon White, Leslie Wright, Mary Ann Zielinski

The meeting was called to order at 10:07 a.m.


The minutes of the September meeting were approved as distributed.

Treasurer's Report - Sandy Booth

Opening balance

September expenses
$ 914.94

September income
$ 450.25

Ending balance


The By-Laws committee distributed the changes to the Classified Council. After a few changes to the revisions the By-Laws were passed with amendments. The By-Laws Committee will create a Ballot and give the ballot to Dan Craig to put up on the web for voting.

Procedures Manual

Ramona Murtha suggested to the Classified Council that we postpone the Procedures Manual until the November 9th meeting. Leslie Wright requested all comments and suggestions be sent to Ramona before the next meeting.

Scholarship Fund

President Cindy Anderson will meet with Judy Basker, Major Gifts Officer next week on the wording, criteria, and establish the selection process. The Classified Council would like to have the scholarship up and running for the first scholarship recipient to receive the scholarship in April 2007. To be used for the 07-08 school year.

Luncheon Costs

President Cindy Anderson, Dan Craig and Sandy Booth met with Marc Marelich, General Manager of Bon Appetit and discussed the proposed increase in the classified employees lunch charge. Marc did some checking and determined that no increase for this year would be necessary. Our current lunch fees are $4.00 for classified employees and $6.50 for guests.

Council Goals

Some of the wonderful ideas that came from the meeting were as follows: Bringing back the Gala of Trees, Baby Changing Stations in key locations around campus, Brag Web Page, Red Cross Blood drives, Backpack Drive, Salvation Army, Food Drive and letting classified employee know what we as classified staff accomplish during the year. Last but not least getting by laws to the staff to vote on.

New Business

Brag Box - Council Web Site

Letting the classified employees know what Classified Council does for the community. Being more informative.

Vegetarian lunch choices vs. meat

Karen Cristobal motioned and it passed unanimously that starting on the November luncheon that when responding with your RSVP for the Classified Luncheon you also choose the vegetarian or meat choice. You will receive a blue or red card when checking in at the luncheon pay table where you will receive your card indicating your choice of entrees. When going through the food line you will drop your card in a basket at the end of the table. This may keep Luncheon prices down, as Bon Appetit would be better able to prepare.

Committee Reports

Luncheon Coordinator Report

It was reported the October luncheon preparations were going just fine with Area 4.

Safety Committee Report - Ramona Murtha

Richard Dennis, Safety Education Coordinator informed the committee that the Defibulator cost more money than they expected. Richard would like to keep the safety fire drills going. The committee discussed how they could afford to purchase changing tables for young children. Ramona suggested that it would be nice if the classified employee Council could figure out a way to purchase one or two changing tables to be placed in buildings on campus with high traffic.

Fringe Benefit Committee

Deborah Mosman reported by email that the main item of business was going over the mission statement of the committee due to all the new members. The committee agreed that their focus at least in the beginning would be to develop a survey to send to all University employees to see what their priorities are for areas that fall under fringe benefits. They will also discuss the Emeritus program that has been proposed (a retirement fund contributed to by employer and employee that can be used to pay medical expenses when employees retire).

Campus Master Planning Committee - Holli Davenport [via email]

Reported by email that the Campus Master Panning Committee met on September 20th. The major projects in progress were as follows:
" Connector between new wings at Kaneko should be completed by mid-October
" Kaneko atrium should be completed by January
" Re-carpeting of Hatfield Library should be done by the end of October
" Repair of the swimming pool
" Remodel of Carnegie Building

The agenda for 2006-07

Revision of campus master plan
" Site recommendation for new academic building - based on recommendations from the committee working with architects on preliminary design
" Further discussion of additional commons

Guest Speaker

United Way representatives; Bryan Johnston, Michelle Duchateau and Gene Bloom pleaded their case on why Willamette University Classified Employees should get more involved with United Way and that the Classified Employees have always been the biggest givers in the past to United Way. Someone from United Way will speak at the November luncheon.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:40 a.m.

Sandy Booth