September 14, 2006 Meeting Minutes


Cindy Anderson, Frank Bates, Sandy Booth, Dan Craig, Karen Cristobal, Holli Davenport, Debbie Epperly, Reyna Meyers, Ramona Murtha, Leslie Wright


Carol Black

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m.


The minutes of the May meeting were approved as distributed.

Treasurer’s Report – Sandy Booth

  • Opening balance
  • Carry forward
  • Ending Balance


The By-Laws committee distributed the changes to the Classified Council. Due to the extensive number of changes President Cindy Anderson asked that the Council members review the by-laws and send any corrections back to the committee. Classified Council will review the entire document at the October 12th meeting.

Procedures Manual

Leslie Wright presented a rough draft of the Procedures Manual to the Council members. President Cindy Anderson suggested that the Council look at the procedures manual and send any changes, corrections or additions to Leslie. Classified Council will review the entire document at the October 12th meeting.

Recipe Book

President Cindy Anderson asked Karen Cristobal to take over as Chair of the Cookbook Committee. Karen agreed.

Scholarship Fund

The Classified Council needs to research and establish selection criteria for a recipient of the scholarship.

New Business

What constitutes a quorum for Council business?

A motion was made by President Cindy Anderson and seconded by Leslie Wright that a quorum is as follows: A quorum will consist of four representatives or alternates. The motion passed unanimously.

Fringe Benefit Committee

Three Classified Employees are selected to represent all classified employees on the Fringe Benefits Committee. Pat Gildersleeve has two years left of a three-year term. President Cindy Anderson has appointed Debbie Mosman to a one-year term in order to get back to a three-year rotation whereas each year the Council will replace one person. Cindy will ask the classified employees by email to submit their name if interested in serving on the Fringe Benefit Committee. As soon as the list of interested employees is compiled Cindy will ask Council member to select an individual to serve a three-year term.

Web site

President Cindy Anderson motioned that the office/position of vice president be in charge of the web site. Reyna Meyers second. Motion was passed unanimously.

Council Meetings (Attendees)

It was determined that if an item needs to be voted on the only votes that will count will be the Representative of the area unless the Representative is not present then the Alternate if present has voting privileges.

President Concerns

President Cindy Anderson informed the committee that if anyone had agenda items they needed to get the agenda item to her by 5:00 p.m. the Monday prior to the meeting.

Luncheon Cost $6.50

President Cindy Anderson appointed Dan Craig, Sandy Booth and herself to meet with Marc in Bon Appetit regarding an increase in classified lunch cost.

Luncheon Chair Guidelines – Holli Davenport

Holli will act as a resource person for any Area that needs help planning their month’s luncheon.

Council Goals for year

President Cindy Anderson asked the council members to think about what they wanted to have as goals for the coming year. More will be discussed at the October 12th meeting.

Committee Reports

Luncheon Coordinator Report – Holli Davenport

Holli reported the September luncheon preparations were going just fine with area 5.

Safety Committee Report – Ramona Murtha

Richard Dennis is the new campus safety coordinator and a meeting was scheduled for September 14th in the afternoon. Continuing CPR training will be discussed along with Disaster Coordinators as Willamette as a secondary place for disasters.

Fringe Benefits Committee Report – Sandy Booth

The committee Chair Keith Grimm is in the process of setting a meeting time and place. He is currently waiting for all new members to be selected to the committee. The Fringe Benefits Committee will continue their discussion of the Emeritus program for the university.

Campus Master Planning Committee – Holli Davenport

Kaneko opened on time. In January the dining room will be complete. The next building will be the new academic building; the location yet to be determined.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:23 a.m.

Sandy Booth