February 13, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Classified Council Meeting, February 13, 2008

10:00 a.m., UC, Harrison

Dan Craig, President; Reyna Meyers, Vice President; Karen Cristobal, Secretary/Treasurer; Tori Ruiz, Area 1; Craig Wheeler, Area 2; Leslie Berning-Wright, alternate - Area 3; Mary Ann Zelinski, Area 3; Liesa Kister, Area 4; Janet Jobes, Area 5; Frank Bates, Area 6; Jim Moyer, Area 7; guest Cindy Anderson.

President Dan Craig called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.

Minutes: The January, December, and Special Budget meeting minutes were all approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Karen Cristobal

Current budget balance: $4,834.19
January’s Luncheon:
<-$113.00 >decorations
<-$540.00>Bon Appetit
<-$38.50> 50/50 birth right of salem
$377.50 ticket sales

Cookbook Account: <-$4150.22>

The bookstore has sold a total of 127 books so far, totaling $2,159.00. This amount will be transferred to cookbook account within the next month.

Scholarship Account: $3533.87

Luncheon Discussion:

There was a discussion about the possibility of having a future set up for luncheons where staff can swipe their compass cards with bon appetite as quick, convenient and easy payment for luncheons. Janet Jobes will take some questions to Bon Appetit and report back. This is just in the “gathering information” stage.

There was a discussion about the fact that some people are “prepaying” for their luncheons, as a matter of convenience (two last luncheon). This practice was discussed and Council generally agreed that this confused tracking. Karen will talk to accounting to notify them we are not accepting prepayment at this time.

Benefits Committee – Cindy Anderson

The Benefits Committee is meeting regularly again. Currently Cindy Anderson and Eddie Ulshafer are the classified employee representatives. We need to assign another person to the committee, and also look at replacing Cindy and Eddy in June, as their terms will expire. Council will send out a call of interest soon to compile a list of people interested in volunteering for these positions.

Willamette will be keeping Pioneer Trust as our self insured medical policy; however the billing will now be handled by Blue Cross/Blue Shield instead of Coresource. Kaiser Insurance will continue to be an option. There will be no change in coverage in general with our insurances. The increases in costs are minor: no increase in Pioneer Trust coverage and a .9% increase in the Kaiser coverage.

Manley Services will continue to be a benefit option – the only change with that benefit is that re-enrollment forms will no longer be sent out, they will be available online.

The health benefit fair will be held as usual this year. It is set for February 28th in the Montage Center.

There is an Ameritide program that the benefits committee is checking into. This program is another “pre-tax” benefit, to help with medical costs after retirement. The program is being currently being studied by the Committee.

There is no plan to offer a Child Care Benefit Package at this time, however discussions about the feasibility of offering it at some point continue.

The life insurance carrier was changed from MetLife to SunLife. Any changes in coverage require re-enrollment.

By-Laws Discussion – Reyna Meyers

The By-Laws are ready for voting again. Reyna will resend information to classified employees to get the voting started (start date 2/18, end date 2/22).

Cookbook Committee Report – Karen Cristobal

Karen reported that the cookbook continues to sell well, and was represented at the Willamette author’s table, on Founder’s Day. Books sold well on that day. There were suggestions and ideas about other venues for selling. The committee met recently and compiled a list of bookstores to approach for selling the book. The committee will begin approaching the stores within the next few weeks with a goal of getting the book in stores/museums around town by summer.

Family Friendly Restrooms – Tori Ruiz

Tori reported she took this topic to Council on Diversity and Social Justice (CDSJ) and has not received a response yet.

Archiving Council Records – Can Craig

Discussion centered around when and how we want to proceed with archiving council records. It was decided that a task force would be put together and that archiving council records would be a summer project. The task force will be put together in April.

Luncheon Report- Jim Moyer

Jim reported that the luncheon is on track. He found the luncheon form to be very helpful in coordinating the program. It was generally agreed that it would be a good idea for the area rep to bring the form to the council meet prior to the luncheon, highlighting any areas that council could assist in.

Leslie reported creating a spreadsheet that deals with the money part only. She will email the spreadsheet to council for evaluation.

Elections – Dan Craig

Representatives for sections 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7 will need to be elected this year. Nominations will be opening up soon for those positions. Discussion postponed until March meeting.

Safety Committee – Liesa Kister

Liesa reported that there are 17 family friendly bathrooms available to the public on campus (family friendly is defined here as a single stall restroom). The committee is looking at increasing signage for those restrooms.

In January, the University Safety Committee toured Gatke Hall, finding less concerns than anticipated for a building of such vintage and history. There are concerns about slick surfaces at the entrance and lobby as well as blocked fire exit issues. These concerns will continue to be discussed, as the committee decides what actions to take.

It was agreed that this council meeting needs to continue (not all agenda items were covered). A meeting to continue was set for Friday, February 15 at 2:00.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:50.