January 9, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Classified Council Meeting

January 9, 2008
Harrison Room, UC

In Attendance:

Dan Craig, President; Reyna Meyers, Vice President; Karen Cristobal, Secretary/Treasurer; Craig Wheeler, Area 2; Leslie Berning-Wright, Alternate - Area 3 Jim Moyer, Area 7; Liesa Kister, Area 4; Frank Bates, Area 6; Guest Holli Davenport

President Dan Craig called the meeting to order at 10:05


Minute approval postponed. The following is a correction to December’s minutes:

April Luncheon date has been moved from April 16 to April 23.

Master Planning Committee report:

Holli Davenport

The Master Planning Committee is currently evaluating what the possibilities are in terms of space; what can be done, in the existing spaces. They are gearing up for student/staff/faculty forums to assist in this process.

Holli reported that the Bike Shop has proposed to put a bike rack outside the bike shop (next to Brown field.) Part of this new rack includes a locking trunk to secure bike helmets.

Holli is checking to see what is “on the radar” in terms of gender neutral restroom awareness and planning. She will report back on this.

Old Business:

Treasurers report:

Karen Cristobal

The current Classified Council budget balance is $6818.69.

Cookbook Sales:

Karen Cristobal

The cookbooks are selling well. So far around 200 have been sold. The Cookbook will be represented at the Founder’s day activities, and this will include some eatables.

Dan will get an inventory of the cookbooks, to make sure we are tracking sales well, and keeping the inventory secure.

Election of New Fringe Benefits Committee member –

Currently there are two members, Cindy Anderson and Eddy Ulshafer. We will look at adding another member soon. Dan asked the Council to bring suggestions for nominees to the February Council meeting. It was suggested that we begin the process in March for replacing Cindy, whose term will expire this summer.

Council Website:

Reyna Meyers

Reyna reported that Pam Nyburg (Atkinson) is on board as a talented website person, and doing lots with getting the website to be more inviting and current. She’s a great resource. Reyna will still be in charge of maintaining the website, with Pam’s help.

New Business

January Luncheon

Frank Bates

Frank reported that things were going well with the January Luncheon planning.

Luncheon Planning Form: Dan Craig, Liesa Kister

Dan presented a luncheon planning form as a tool to assist areas with all of the details associated with planning the luncheons. The form was well received. Further discussion or evaluation was postponed until next Council meeting.

Safety Committee Meeting: Liesa Kister

Liesa reported that proactive policies across campus such as the monthly Safety Committee building checks have resulted in a tangible benefit: a premium reduction to reward the University’s proactive risk management policies and procedures.
Liesa will take the "Family Friendly" bathroom discussion to the next Safety committee to explore the risks brought up during our Classified Council meeting.

This topic was postponed until the next meeting, as we gather more information. Dan will contact Tori before next council meeting regarding her research on this subject.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:35