March 12, 2008

Classified Council Meeting

March 12, 2008
Parents Conference Room
10:00 a.m.

In attendance: Dan Craig, President; Reyna Meyers, Vice President; Karen Cristobal, Secretary/treasurer; Janet Jobes, Area 5; Leslie Whitaker, Area 4; Mary Ann Zielinski, Area 3; Leslie Berning-Wright, Area 3 – alternate; Tori Ruiz, Area 1; and guest Leonard Snodgrass.

Meeting was called to order at 10:07 a.m.

Minutes – Karen

The February minutes (both sets) were unanimously approved. Reyna reported that she will be adding minutes to the website after official approval from here on out.

Treasurer’s report – Karen

General council budget balance: $$4627.19

February Luncheon:

<-$600 > to Bon Appetit
<-104.75> décor and invites
+$400 in for luncheons

Cookbook budget balance: $-[3929.22] There should be $3,400.00 transferred this week from the Willamette Store– they’ve sold 200 copies so far, and have asked to be restocked!

Scholarship budget balance: $3601.10

Prepaid Lunches – Leonard Snodgrass

Leonard has checked into prepaying for lunches, and other options for luncheon payments. In terms of scanning compass card for payment – that won’t work at this time. It isn’t feasible electronically (not able to get a “reader” outside of the cat.)

However, Leonard and Pam Nyberg have been formulating an RSVP form, which will have a link that can be clicked on, and will give an option to pay using compass card. This is still in the concept stage, and Leonard and Pam will continue developing this, test it over the summer, with the intention to implement this process next year. Council will continue to work on, advertise, and fine tune this process over the summer, and if all goes well to implement it with September’s luncheon. This was voted on and passed unanimously.

Karen mentioned that she had received feedback from the last minutes regarding the decision to not allow prepaying luncheons with cashier, and that this needed to be revisited. Basically several classified employees would like to retain that as an option. This topic will be put on next month’s agenda.

Cookbook Storage – Dan Craig

Cookbooks are in good storage space, and there is a check out system for anyone taking for sales – or for delivery to bookstore.

Election of Area Reps – Dan Craig

General discussion. Dan reminded council that area reps need to be decided by May 1st.

Secretary/Treasurer Position - Karen Cristobal

There was a motion that this position be divided, and that bylaws be revised to allow this change. It passed unanimously. Karen will retain the secretary position, and Dan will appoint an interim person for the position of treasurer immediately until the remainder of the term (until May 2009).

Family Friendly Restrooms – Tori Ruiz

Tori will be applying for a grant through the Council on Diversity and Social Justice to be used for door knob changes and signage on single stall restrooms which already exist on this campus.

February Luncheon – Dan Craig

Jim Moyers told Dan that the luncheon went smoothly. People seemed especially appreciative of the good Bon Appetit food.

March’s Luncheon – Tori Ruiz

All is going well with the luncheon.

Luncheon Form

There was general discussion about the luncheon form (used by those planning the luncheons), and whether it should be available on the website, or whether it should be protected (not downloadable from council site). Reyna will research putting this up as a protected form and report back.

Scholarship Application Form – Leslie Berning-Wright

The forms went out and the question came up, ‘does this scholarship impact any other financial aid?’ and Janet clarified this. No, it does not impact the student’s eligibility for other aid.

Deadline for application is March 21st.

Scholarship Information:

This scholarship agreement language is still being worked out with financial aid. The officers will meet with University Relations soon to work out the kinks in the language.

By Laws – Reyna Meyers

The bylaws have not been posted to the council website yet – Reyna is making sure that all the language is correct before putting it up. 65 out of 269 classified members voted. Of the officers and representatives, 62.5% voted.

Because these passed by a simple majority – the bylaws did pass.

December Fundraiser – Dan Craig

General discussion of December fundraiser and the need for a procedure to be in place for future fundraisers. Generally agreed that this will be a summer project.

Elections – Reyna Meyers

Reyna put out a call for the Vice President position.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:15