November 8, 2007 Meeting Minutes



ATTENDEES: Dan Craig, Reyna Meyers, Tori Ruiz, Craig Wheeler, Leslie Berning-Wright, Liesa Kister, Frank Bates, Jim Moyer. Guests Holli Davenport, Keith Grimm.

10:10 meeting called to order by President Dan Craig.

October 2007 Council Meeting Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Will be sent by email from Secretary/Treasurer Karen Cristobal. The question was asked if half of the Council May balance was transferred to the Scholarship Fund.

Cookbook: no report.

Council Website: A vote passed to include in the Vice President’s duties to be the official Council Webmaster, but to be able to use helpers from both on and off Council. Secretary will update the Procedures Handbook to reflect this change.

By-Laws Vote: There is a problem with the datastore system. WITS will work on it before the New Year. No one can vote until the problem is solved.

December Luncheon: There has been one meeting so far. The question was asked if the Luncheon can be moved up one week. Vice President Reyna Meyers will check with Scheduling and Bon Appetit. It was decided that if the Luncheon is moved up, so should the December Council Meeting. It was decided that people can choose which prize they want by using the same “jar system” as the last two years. It was decided that the proceeds from the door prizes will go to three WU families in need. Anyone on campus can nominate a family by sending the circumstances to Karen Cristobal. Karen will present the nominees anonymously and their circumstances at the December Council Meeting. The identities of the families will be known only to Karen. Karen will be responsible for distributing the monies. The Willamette Store will be doing a “Hearts and Hands Tree”. Reyna will check with Tim King to see if this overlaps Council’s idea of gathering hats and gloves/mittens to donate to an outside non-profit.

December Dinner: It was decided that the Luncheon and Dinner should be on the same day. Dan volunteered to help. More volunteers are still needed. Please contact Reyna if you would like to volunteer.

Council Meeting Days: The question was asked if Council should move the day it meets to earlier in the week, as one current member is unable to attend Thursdays. This question will be discussed at the next Council Meeting.

New Representative: Welcome Craig Wheeler as the new Area 2 Representative. Dan will update the Council webpage to include Craig.

Ethics Point: Keith Grimm from Human Resources explained about the new Ethics Point software. HR will be posting a Power Point presentation on its website soon about Ethics Point. Keith is the administrator of the system. EP is an outside company that designed and maintains the software. It is set up to deal with the three topics of Financial, HR [ie Sexual Harassment], and Security/Safety issues. WU chose not to include several other areas, including academic cheating. EP provides on-line and telephone reporting. WU students and employees can still talk with HR any time, if they do not wish to use EP. One difference being that if a person talks directly with HR and mentions a name, then HR is legally bound to investigate. However if a person goes through EP, then the person can ask questions and gain information about the process without starting an investigation. Back-end reporting will help HR identify areas that need to be addressed in a larger format; perhaps through seminars or workshops.
The EthicsPoint system is currently on hold. HR plans on meeting with different departments/areas around campus to explain more about the system.

Safety Committee: Safety Committee is continuing its walk-throughs of WU, looking for safety issues. SC is also asking students to identify areas that are poorly lit. There is one student representative on SC now. Rich Dennis will be sending out an email about 1) holiday decorations and 2) other fire code/winter safety issues including space heaters and extension cords. It was suggested that since RAs do safety checks that the RAs send email to Rich Dennis if they see a re-occurring problem. It was suggested that more lighting is needed between the skybridge and the doors of TIUA.

Master Planning Committee: The primary goal of the MPC right now is updating the Campus Master Plan. It was last updated in 2002. If anyone has any suggestions or comments, please contact anyone on the MPC, including Holli Davenport. It was suggested that any/all new buildings automatically be designed with baby changing stations, uni-sex/family bathrooms, and the wiring for security cameras.

Fringe Benefits Committee: no report

11:42 Meeting adjourned by Dan Craig.

Next meeting is December 13, 2007 10:00am UC Harris