October 18, 2007 Meeting Minutes

Classified Council Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2007
10:00 a.m., U.C., Harrison

In Attendance: Dan Craig, President; Reyna Meyers, Vice President; Karen Cristobal, Secretary/Treasurer; Jim Moyer, Area 7 ; Liesa Kister, Area 4; Frank Bates, Area 6; Tori Ruiz, Area 1 (attended briefly at end), Mary Ann Zielinski, Area 3; Leslie Berning-Wright, Area 3; Liesa Kister, Area 4; and Leslie Whitaker, Area 4

President Dan Craig called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.

Minutes – The September 20, 2007 minutes were approved as presented.

Old Business

Treasurer’s report – Karen Cristobal

Karen reported the ending balance as of October 18, 2007 to be $8,180.62.

Campus Planning Report – Dan Craig

The question was raised: Do we have a classified employee representing classified staff who is on the Campus Planning Committee? Dan is going to check this out, and will ask that person to give a report at the next Classified Council meeting.

Safety Committee – Liesa Kister

Liesa reported that the fire drills have been going well for the campus in general: time is improving campus wide. The Safety Committee will continue to do “walk through’s” at least three times a year in an effort to make sure safety practices continue to be observed.

Cookbook Committee – Karen Cristobal

The Cookbook Committee is entering some of the finishing phases of getting this book published. The committee hopes to have this book available in time for Christmas. The committee: Shirley Priepke, Louise McAuley, Rita Hinchcliffe, Karen Cristobal, and Judy Mahr are all working very hard to make this happen.

Leslie suggested that when the book does get published, Basketball and other sport games may be a great venue for selling the books.

The question was also raised as to whether we want to archive the process the Cookbook Committee has gone through for future generations in the Willamette community who may do a cookbook at some point. This will be asked of Mary McKay, Willamette University Archivist, when she attends the November Classified Council meeting.

By Laws – Dan Craig

The by laws are finalized and secure, so the question came up: when will we be voting on them? It was decided that the sooner classified employees vote on the bylaws, the better. Dan Craig will send out the by-laws to be voted on right away.

Web Person discussion – Dan Craig

The question has been bandied about: who is responsible for the Council web updates and maintenance? Currently, the Vice President of Council is responsible, but that may cause problems or even lack of interest in the job. If it’s too daunting a task for the very capable, but non – webmaster types who may be interested in joining council in the future, that could be a problem.

Discussion followed that we probably should have a committee or at least some resource people who maintain the website. The plan is to make sure that there is resource staff available, so that it isn’t too daunting a job for those with fewer computer skills. Liesa motioned that we create a web resource committee with the V.P. being the head of the committee and it was seconded and passed. We will begin soliciting classified staff who might be interested in taking on this task. This will continue to be put together as this year unfolds.

Classified Council Scholarship – Karen

Karen clarified some confusion around the classified council scholarship. Last meeting there was some discussion as to whether we want to award some of it to an employee who is taking classes, and there was some general confusion about the award. The scholarship boundaries are firm:

A. Undergraduate - Any student enrolled full time at Willamette University entering their second year of study with a GPA of at least 2.5.
B. Any Willamette University graduate student with a GPA of at least 2.5.”

There is no flexibility about this; it’s part of the scholarship agreement form that council signed, and there is no “wiggle room” in terms of changing the recipient criteria.

Dan proposed that we revisit the possibility of another scholarship for Willamette employees taking classes when we are half way to our goal of endowing the current scholarship. It was seconded and passed unanimously.

Gender neutral restrooms

Discussion on this was tabled until the next council meeting.

New Business

December luncheon (Council luncheon) was discussed and the question came up: Do we want to continue the tradition of collecting mittens and hats, and if so, whom should we collect for?

It was agreed that we would like to continue with this tradition, and Reyna will research possible benefactors.

Luncheon procedures

Luncheon procedures were clarified:

The area that is putting the luncheon on will be responsible for getting the money from the business office and seeing that it gets back to the business office. Receipts for reimbursement should be sent to the treasurer who will see about issuing reimbursements. The Area Representative is responsible for all contact with the area and is to turn in all receipts as a whole to make sure that the area has not exceeded the budget allotted.

August meeting

Some council members brought up a concern: the need to meet in August. There are lots of things to attend to right off the bat in the new school year, and mid September is a little late to get started on them. It was agreed that there will be a meeting the 2nd Thursday in August, 2007 (by laws will probably need to be changed).

Fringe Benefit Committee

A question was raised with the council by Janene Allman: Who do we have on the fringe benefit committee? She has some issues she’d like to bring to that person for discussion. The council agreed to check with several people to see if they have an interest in representing council. This will be revisited next meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:56.