September 13, 2007 Meeting Minutes

Classified Council Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2007
10:00 a.m., U.C., Harrison

In Attendance: Dan Craig, President; Reyna Meyers, Vice President; Karen Cristobal, Secretary/Treasurer; Jim Moyer, Area 7 ; Liesa Kister, Area 4; Frank Bates, Area 6; Tori Ruiz, Area 1.

President Dan Craig called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.

Minutes – The previous Secretary/Treasurer did not provide any minutes from the last meeting of the academic school year 2006-07.

Treasurer’s report – Karen Cristobal

Karen reported the ending balance as of September 13, 2007 to be $8,821.50.

Old Business

Cookbook update - Karen Cristobal

The Cookbook Committee is hard at work editing, pricing print companies, and continuing to work on all of the little details this kind of project involves. The committee does not have a print date yet, but expects to have one soon.

Baby Changing Tables – Tori Ruiz

Tori brought up the topic of concluding our involvement with getting baby changing tables on campus (we have purchased and installed one in the University Center, Women’s first floor bathroom). This has raised awareness with the campus in general about the need for this component in any future bathroom remodeling projects. It was agreed that we did our part and that the onus is now on the Willamette Community to continue this practice at this point.

By Laws Revision - Dan Craig

Dan asked the question: do we want to have one person in charge of updating revisions to the bylaws, or do we want to have a couple of people, or a committee? Currently, the Vice President is responsible for updating the bylaws and getting them posted online, but Dan feels that is not always practical because it depends on the VP’s skill level and interest in this area.

Dan and Tori both proposed that we have a new position whose sole responsibility is to update bylaws.

This item was tabled and will be revisited next month to be discussed further and voted upon.

Scholarship fund - Dan Craig

Dan posed some questions regarding the Classified Scholarship Fund. For example: should we consider giving one scholarship to a Willamette student and one to a Willamette employee who is taking classes? We currently haven’t established many parameters about this scholarship and that’s something that we want to do fairly soon. Who is eligible to apply? How much are we awarding? Should we connect the eligible employee to one who is eligible for the WU benefit package? Do we want to include our sister school’s students: TIU? Liesa will research these questions and will bring a report of her findings and ideas to the next council meeting.

Archiving Past Council Records - Karen Cristobal

The Council has recognized the need for a system to be put into place to archive Classified Council records, especially since the University now has an archivist. Karen will invite Mary McKay, the university archivist, to attend the next council meeting to begin discussion about how and what to archive.

New Business

Gender Neutral Restrooms - Tori Ruiz

Tori proposed that the council begin looking at the need for gender neutral restrooms. This is a very big issue and will require some information gathering. Discussion was tabled until the next meeting when Tori will bring more information about this potential project: what would be involved, and what the Council’s role would be.

Employee List updated- Dan Craig

Dan asked: who is getting the current Human Resources employee update list? It was determined that the Council Secretary/Treasurer should be the one on the list, and Karen will contact Human Resources to get on this list.

Luncheon Report - Liesa

Dan brought up discussion about the need for getting procedures in place for luncheons: for getting the money to and from the luncheons; should there be a constant contact person for the areas to access if they have questions?, etc. The question was raised: should we continue having a luncheon coordinator to work with areas when needed? This position was created after receiving a suggestion from the survey that was taken several years ago regarding luncheons. Holli Davenport was asked to serve in this function and did so. This has since been slated as one of the duties of the VP. Tori suggested we keep a binder that we pass to each area for helpful hints as they plan their luncheons. This discussion was tabled, to be discussed further in the next meeting.

Safety Committee – Liesa Kister

If any department has safety concerns, they should be brought to your area rep and it will be investigated.

Fringe Benefits Committee report - no report

Campus master planning committee report: no report

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35.