August 14, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Willamette University
August 14, 2008 Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Reyna Meyers President; Tori Ruiz, Vice President; Leslie Berning-Wright, Secretary/Treasurer; Ramona Murtha, Area 3 Alternate; Leslie Whitaker, Area 4 Representative; Pam Nyburg, Area 5 Representative
Jess Brown, Fringe Benefits Committee member

10:00 President Reyna Meyers called the meeting to order
No quorum was present.

The May 2008 minutes were presented. Reyna will take a vote via email.

No report.

Cookbook Committee: no report. Reyna will find out who is still interested in being on the committee. Former members are: Karen Cristobal, Shirley Priepke, Cindy Anderson, Rita Hinchcliff, Judy Mahr, and Louise McAuley.
Fringe Benefits Committee: no report; have not met
Master Planning Committee: no report
Safety Committee: report submitted in writing by Ramona Murtha [attached]

Position Binder
Binders were distributed to each Council member attending today’s meeting.

Archives Task Force
Leslie B reported that the Task Force has been dissolved without completing its goals. Another Task Force will need to be formed to complete the project.

Cookbook Account
Yes, Council can change the name of this account at any time. “Special Projects” was suggested. The current balance is zero. Council decides when and how to use the account again.

Luncheon Allotment
Motion seconded to a) eliminate door prizes from regular Luncheons, b) increase the allotment from $125 to $200 for regular Luncheons with 14 or fewer tables & from $175 to $300 for the December Luncheon. This is to make the centerpieces nicer, more “prize worthy” and to reduce the requests on Staff, departments, and outside businesses for donations.
If approved it would be $650/year total increase.
Motion seconded to increase the allotment by $15 per table for regular Luncheons with 15 tables or more.
Reyna will send an email to Council requesting a vote on these two motions.

December Night Crew Dinner Allotment
A Motion was made to increase the allotment from $125 to $200. A vote is postponed for more information. Leslie B will find out how much has been spent in the past. This party is organized by the Council Vice President. There are usually about 30 people attending. In the past, the Supervisors of the graveyard staff have contributed towards the cost of these parties.

Luncheon Ticket Prices -- postponed
Reyna will meet with Bon Appetit tomorrow.

On-line Luncheon RSVP & Ticket Pre-payment
Pam distributed a handout with “screen shots” of the RSVP/pre-pay site.
All Areas will use the same RSVP link.
Webteam will compile the data and provide the hosting Area with the Luncheon sign-in sheets.
Webteam will adjust the RSVP/pre-pay site with deadlines for RSVP at the Monday before the Luncheon & deadline for the pre-pay at the Wednesday before the Luncheon. Webteam will “disable” the pre-pay function at the deadline.
Webteam will adjust the language on the site to include “partial payments not accepted” [or similar].
Webteam will develop a response email acknowledging the RSVP; and an email if the pre-payment is not accepted [lack of funds on Compass Card or incorrect amount in the Total box].
Hosting Areas must send out electronic invitations at least two weeks before the Luncheon.

Area 1 and 2 Representatives and Alternates
Tori will run the elections for these two Areas ASAP.

Promoting Classified Council -- postponed

By-laws -- postponed

Committee Reports
Starting at the September 11, 2008 Council meeting, Committee Reports will come after Minutes and Treasurer’s Report, before other items on Agenda.
Committee Members can decide among themselves who will submit to the Council a report. The report can be submitted electronically. If the report will be presented at the meeting, the Committee member should provide the report in writing with 10 copies.
Secretary will include the above in the Procedures Handbook.

Reyna will find out who the current owners of the Area mailgroups are.
Secretary will add to the Procedures Handbook a section on updating mailgroups, including adding it to the duties of the Area Representatives.
The Council President and Vice President should be included as Owners of every Area mailgroup.

Reyna will ask Keith Grimm about doing Council business at home.

Leslie Berning-Wright was elected as Secretary/Treasurer; to serve through July 2010.
Reyna will be unable to attend the September Council Meeting.

11:41 meeting adjourned

Next Meeting: September 11, 2008

These minutes are four pages in length and submitted by Leslie Berning-Wright, Classified Council Secretary/Treasurer 2008-2010.