December 3, 2009 Meeting Minutes

December 3, 2008
Special Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Reyna Meyers President; Tori Ruiz, Vice President; Leslie Berning-Wright, Secretary/Treasurer; Faye Trupka, Area 1 Representative; Sue Bernt, Area 4 Representative; Pam Nyburg, Area 5 Representative; Carrie Whipple Area 7 Representative

1:30 President Reyna Meyers called the meeting to order
Quorum was present

December Luncheon
Invitations -- Bob is making them.
RSVP -- no prepay at the December Luncheon. RSVP link will be turned off on Friday 12/12/08. Ross Stout is unavailable to do the prepay this month.
Info Dissemination -- Area Reps will today send out
Menu -- Tori sent to Bon Appetit.
Tori will do table assignments. Carrie will post a table sign-up sheet in Facilities.
Décor decided and estimated at $265 for 30 tables.
Linens in black and white.
Arrange for a WU golf cart to move prizes from Olin to UC.
Faye will ask Leonard Snodgrass to borrow jars for drawing tickets.
Tori will be the MC for the luncheon.
Faye will bring the music.
Reps will email Areas TODAY asking for prize donations.
Tori will make up a flyer to invite the night crew to the Nite Crew Dinner.
Leslie will add “photographer” to the Luncheon check list in the Procedures Handbook.

Human Resources Liaison
Vote: HRL will be invited to regular Council meetings to give an HR Report.
Discussion: HRL will be near the top of the agenda with other Committee Reports. HRL will be excused from the remainder of the meeting.
Confirmation: HRL may be invited to attend the Classified Luncheon by the hosting Area. The cost of the HRL’s lunch is paid from the Luncheon Allotment.
Discussion: HRL should sit at the table with the hosting Area MC, etc.

3:12 meeting adjourned

Next Meeting: December 9, 2008

These minutes are 1 page in length and submitted by Leslie Berning-Wright, Classified Council Secretary/Treasurer 2008-2010.