December 9, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Willamette University
December 9, 2008 Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Reyna Meyers, President; Tori Ruiz, Vice President; Faye Trupka, Area 1 Representative; Bob Mercado, Area 1 Alternate; Sue Bernt, Area 4 Representative; Pam Nyburg, Area 5 Representative. Lisa Ehlers, Benefit Committee Representative.

President Reyna Meyers called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm. A quorum was not present.

Reyna reported that the Safety Committee is being totally reorganized, including the name, the mission, and the membership makeup. The reason is based on new regulations. Changes are effective January 1, 2009. Classified representatives are Ramona Murtha and Margaret Schue.

Lisa Ehlers from the Benefit Committee handed out a written report. Kaiser Health Insurance is predicting a three percent increase but Lisa didn’t know if this is an increase to Willamette or to individual employees. Pioneer Insurance may not increase at all but this is not final. Lisa said HR is looking at a four-tier insurance system instead of the current three-tier system. More information on this will come. Willamette has about nine percent (67 staff) of the employees enrolled in long term care insurance. The Benefits Fair is scheduled for March 5, 2009. Open enrollment will be in mid-February 2009.
Smoke free zones that will start in January 2009 were discussed. More information with specifics will be coming soon regarding the smoke free zones. Eddie Ulshafer proposed at the Benefit Committee meeting that possibly a handyman service could be provided for Willamette retirees and the possibility of a pool of other employees that have services to offer.

Tori gave an update on the December luncheon and the night shift dinner. Volunteers are needed to help with the decorations and ticket sales and volunteers need to show up about 10:00 am on Wednesday. Discussion followed on who is eligible to receive donations. It was suggested that the Classified Council budget a small amount for the purchase of condolence cards and several people contributed money to purchase a card for Mrs. Henderson.

Area 7 will host the January luncheon.

MINUTES: The November minutes were not available.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The report had been prepared by Leslie Berning-Wright and was discussed.

Reyna said the job description for area representative and alternates is to report back to the area they represent and encourage feedback, comments, and suggestions. Handbooks need to be kept up to date so they will be in good order when they are passed on to the next representative. Reyna emphasized that our main job is to encourage and support each other and provide unity.

Reyna handed out draft copies of the Classified Employees Scholarship Fund from Mari Sue Johnson, Director of Donor Relations. This is a formal agreement that needs to be in writing. It offers guidelines for the payout of the Classified Scholarship.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm.

Sue Bernt, Area 4 Representative