February 10, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Willamette Universityy

February 10, 2009
Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Tori Ruiz, Vice President; Leslie Berning-Wright, Secretary/Treasurer; Ramona Murtha, Area 3 Alternate; Sue Bernt, Area 4 Representative; Elaine Hines, Area 5 Alternate; Carrie Whipple Area 7 Representative

Guest: Suzie Torre-Cross, Human Resources

1:33 Vice President Tori Ruiz called the meeting to order Quorum was present

HR Report --Suzie Torre-Cross
All dates are on the WU Master Calendar. Many forms & much information available on the HR website. Hardcopy has been delivered to Facilities. Watch for email from HR about upcoming visits from AFLAC representative, Kaiser dentist, and others. Open Enrollment: Feb 16 ~ March 13, 2009. Packets will be sent via Campus Mail this week which include forms that MUST be signed and returned. Benefits Fair: March 5th 10-2pm Massage Therapist: a new benefit provided through HR; on-campus massages Flu Shot Clinics: there will be two in October

Safety Committee --Ramona Murtha [attached]

Benefits Committee --Lisa Ehlers [attached; submitted electronically]

December 3, 2009 approved unanimously as presented
January 6, 2009 approved unanimously as presented

Previous Balance $5,736.39 10/31/08
New Balance: $6,105.30 11/30/08
$385.00 November Luncheon Receipts: 92 total [12 RSVP]
84 Classified; 8 Guests; 16 Pre-pay; 1 Free
$138.84 November Luncheon costs [$200 allotted]
$756.00 November Bon Appetit cost
$39.00 50/50 distributed to Friends of Felines
$16.59 Supplies, Printing

Previous Balance $7,224.51 10/31/08

Previous Balance $6,105.30 11/30/08
New Balance: $4,923.65 12/31/08
$0.65 Supplies, Printing

Previous Balance $7,350.85 11/31/08
New Balance: $7,472.19 12/31/08
$121.34 December payroll donations

Previous Balance $4,923.65 12/31/08
New Balance: $5,212.39 1/31/09
$557.00 January Luncheon Receipts: 119 total [ 128 RSVP]
93 Classified; 26 Guests; 10 Pre-pay
$170.02 January Luncheon costs [$300 allotted]
$830.25 January Bon Appetit cost

Previous Balance $7,472.19 12/31/08
New Balance: $7,506.19 1/31/09
$34.00 Cookbook Sales

February Luncheon --Sue Bernt
Invitations made by Tim King went out. Pam Nyberg will send the RSVP list to Sue on Monday 2/16, before Sue gives the final headcount to BA at noon. Again there were difficulties with BA about the menu, as well as with lack of communication from BA. Reminder to RSVP by Friday 2/13.

December/January Luncheon --Tori Ruiz
Tori got some positive feedback about the Luncheon --the food, the décor and the fun. Leslie reminded everyone to write the price next to each full name of a person who attends a Luncheon that is not on the RSVP list. “Jack Kinnick $6.50” Leslie also reminded everyone to use the two Luncheon forms.

Nite Crew Dinner --Tori Ruiz
Tori will check with Dan Craig and Betsy Johnson in Facilities about the best date to have it. Tori asked for volunteers to help.

Classified Employee Scholarship --Leslie Berning-Wright
1) Financial Aid advertises scholarship opportunity on its website in January/ February, prior to the fall semester in which the scholarship will pay. Classified Council may also inform students of its availability.
2) FA will collect applications, pre-screen, and (depending on the number received) select finalists for the awards by Feb. 28th.
3) FA will forward the finalists' application materials to appropriate individuals on the Classified Council, who will make final award decisions.
4) Classified Council will notify FA of its selection(s) by March 13th.
5) FA will set up the funds as part of the students' 2009-10 financial aid award, which will pay to their student account when fall semester starts.

Promoting Classified Council
Discussion about how to increase the number of people in this group. Ramona will compose an email and send to Area Reps to ask for people to join and help.

Problems with Bon Appetit
Discussion about what Council should or can do about the mistakes by and problems with BA. Leslie noted that BA has made mistakes at each of the four Luncheons, and is already not cooperating with Area 4 for the fifth Luncheon. Ideas included feedback to Area Reps who in turn give it to the Area hosting; setting up a meeting w/BA; and making a list of issues to discuss with BA.

Next Meeting: March 10, 2009 1:30pm Harrison UC

2:33 meeting adjourned

These minutes are six pages in length and submitted by Leslie Berning-Wright, Classified Council Secretary/Treasurer 2008-2010.

Prepared for WU Classified Council Meeting by Ramona Murtha

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Safety Committee Update

Any Willamette community member is invited to any Safety Committee meeting. We encourage people to show up whether they have questions or not. The venue will be bigger to accommodate this. Next meeting is Tuesday, February 17, 9-10:30 am in the Montag Den.

Phone Numbers for Reporting Unsafe Conditions Rich Dennis: ext. 6907 Human Resources: ext. 6210 Facilities Services: ext. 6135

Willamette University Safety Committee and OR-OSHA Documents

Willamette University
WU Occupational Safety and Health Policy (pdf)
Safety Committee Bylaws (pdf)
Safety & Health Suggestion / Concern Form (doc)

Safety Committe Minutes -(pdf files)
December 2008 January 2009

Foundation for a Safe Workplace (pdf)
Safety Committee Fact sheet (pdf)
Oregon OSHA (webpage)
Safety Committee(s) / Meeting(s) Adopted Changes (pdf)

Safety Committee Members:
Rich Dennis (Facilitator), Campus Safety: ext. 6907 Suzie Torre-Cross (Facilitator-Elect), Human Resources: ext. 4043 Linda Lombard, Financial Affairs: ext. 6728 Jim Ames, Facilities-Building Maintenance: ext. 4287 Jennifer Butler, Biology: ext. 6483 Ramona Murtha, International Education: ext. 5493 Margaret Schue, College of Law ext. 6140 Mike Ryan, Facilities Services ext. 6802 Mary Ann Zielinski ext. 4360 Adrienne McCarthy (student): amccarth@willamette.edu

Download the Willamette University employee safety suggestion/concern form.

This meeting began with an insurance plan rate update from Keith. The Pioneer Plan reinsurance costs came in at a higher than expected rate, so there will a 3-4% increase in rates for the Pioneer Plan.

Kaiser had already stated there would be a 3% increase in rates, but they negotiated with Willamette, and if Willamette agrees to offer Kaiser dental as an option for dental coverage, Kaiser will not raise our rates. Keith said they would likely go ahead with that agreement, so there may not be a rate increase for Kaiser.

The rest of the meeting consisted of a presentation from Bill Russell with CFP, Inc. CFP, Inc. is a Salem based independent insurance agency and Willamette asked them to assist us with a review of voluntary benefit providers (like AFLAC). HR said it is good practice to review our offerings and make sure the product, service and prices are competitive and that there isn’t a better deal out there.

Bill Russell led the review and he looked at offerings of different companies and, basically, AFLAC had very competitive prices and they scored very well with service and satisfaction. There were no good reasons to change to a different voluntary benefit provider. So, Willamette will stick with AFLAC.