January 6, 2008 Meeting Minutes

January 6, 2009
Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Reyna Meyers President; Tori Ruiz, Vice President; Leslie Berning-Wright, Secretary/Treasurer; Faye Trupka, Area 1 Representative; MaryAnn Zielinski, Area 3 Representative; Sue Bernt, Area 4 Representative; Elaine Hines, Area 5 Alternate; Carrie Whipple Area 7 Representative
Guest: Keith Grimm, HR

1:30 President Reyna Meyers called the meeting to order
Quorum was present

HR Report -- Keith Grimm
Keith reiterated his “view” of the role of an HR Rep at Council meetings and Classified Luncheons. Keith addressed the concerns of having an HR person overhear conversations or discussions or rumors, and HR “retaliating” against a Staff member.
Keith emphasized the importance of any employee who feels is being treated unfairly to please contact HR.

December 9, 2008 Minutes approved as presented.

December Luncheon -- Tori Ruiz
Due to MLK events and Winter Break, the January Luncheon needs to be rescheduled.
Council voted to hold December Luncheon at the earliest possible convenient date in January.
Tori will check w/BA and Scheduling and let Council know the new date.
Tori will check with Ross Stout to ask if he is available to do pre-pay.

Scholarship -- Reyna Meyers
The final version of the Classified Employee Scholarship was signed by Reyna and by President Pelton in December.
Council voted to award two $500 scholarships at the April awards banquet. Funds will be distributed to awardees in Fall 2009.
Leslie will send an email to Financial Aid to begin the process.

President Pelton -- What can Council do to help the WU budget?
Council voted to not cut the 09-10 Council Budget.
Council voted 5-1 to donate $75 to WU as a good faith offer. $75 is 1.5% of the yearly Council budget. Leslie will draft a letter from Council to go with the money.

Tori asked the Area Reps to please contact their areas and encourage members to attend/participate in MLK activities.

Bob Mercado, Area 1 Alternate will be leaving WU in 2009.

2:58 meeting adjourned

Next Meeting: February 10, 2009

These minutes are 2 pages in length and submitted by Leslie Berning-Wright, Secretary/Treasurer 2008- 2010.