November 11, 2008 Meeting Minutes

November 11, 2008
Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Reyna Meyers President; Tori Ruiz, Vice President; Leslie Berning- Wright, Secretary/Treasurer; Faye Trupka, Area 1 Representative; Bob Mercado, Area 1 Alternate; MaryAnn Zielinski, Area 3 Representative; Ramona Murtha, Area 3 Alternate; Sue Bernt, Area 4 Representative; Pam Nyburg, Area 5 Representative; Janet Jobes, Area 5 Alternate; Carrie Whipple Area 7 Representative

Dr. M. Lee Pelton, WU President; Bob Olson, VP Financial Affairs; Wendy Gleason, HR Liaison

1:30 Council President Reyna Meyers called the meeting to order
Quorum was present

Economic Picture -- President Lee Pelton and Bob Olson, VP Financial Affairs President Pelton addressed the current economic situation and how it affects Willamette. Dr. Pelton asked for input and was open to questions. The impact is not so much on the operating budget, but on the students and their families. WU is looking for ways to supplement student financial aid. In 08-09 WU faces a $1.1 million deficit, due in part to short term investment returns lower than forecasted; “summer melt” was twice as large as expected; and returning students were fewer than forecasted. WU needs to find 1.5 of its current budget through savings through conservation, attrition, and other ways, as well as some not yet decided budget cuts. WU’s top three budget priorities are to maintain the quality of education; to sustain compensation for Faculty and Staff; and to manage financial aid.
President Pelton asked Council to keep Staff apprised of what’s going on and if Staff have any ideas, concerns, questions to please let Dr. Pelton or Mr. Olson know via email.

Role of HR Liaison to Classified Council -- Wendy Gleason Ms. Gleason stated her goals as she sees her role as HR Liason. Ms. Gleason would like to create a resourceful venue for Council, and attend Council meetings when invited as a resource; to break through the divide between Classified and Administrative Staff; and to build a “new Willamette way”.

September 9, 2008 were unanimously approved with one spelling correction October 7, 2008 were unanimously approved as presented


Council Account
Previous Balance: $6,616.47 9/30/08
New Balance: $5,736.39 10/31/08


October Luncheon Receipts: 85 total
63 Classified; 5 Guests; 11 Pre-pay; 6 Free
$122.99 October Luncheon costs [$125 allotted]
$648.00 October Bon Appetit cost
$29.33 Printing; Booklets
$37.50 50/50 distributed to Willamette Valley Hospice
Previous Balance: $6,851.63 9/30/08
New Balance: $7,224.51 10/31/08
$126.34 September payroll donations
$102.00 Cookbook Sales
$144.54 Donations, including October payroll donations


Benefits Committee -- Lisa Elhers [attached]
Safety Committee -- Ramona Murtha [attached]
Strategic Planning Committee -- Leslie Berning-Wright [attached]
Website Committee -- Pam Nyburg [attached] Pam again requested that Council members send her a photo to put on the Council website.
Master Planning Committee -- no report

November Luncheon -- Faye Trupka
Everything is on-track. Pam will change the RSVP deadline to Friday.

December Luncheon -- Tori Ruiz [attached]
Council voted that the first $600 raised would go to three Willamette-related families in need. All funds above $600 would go to Willamette Academy. Tori will send an email to Council requesting volunteers for specific duties. Reyna received a draft email from Faye regarding requests for donations. Reyna will update the email and send it to Council. Area Reps will then modify it and send it to their Areas.
Pam will create an on-line nomination form. The nominations for recipients of the raised monies will go only to the President and Vice President.

Beginning in January 2009, will be the new Area 5 Alternate.

3:28 meeting adjourned

Next Meeting: December 9, 2008 1:30 p.m. UC Harrison

These minutes are seven pages in length and submitted by Leslie Berning-Wright, Classified Council Secretary/Treasurer 2008-2010.

Notes from the 11/7/08 Meeting of the Benefit Committee

The meeting began with an update concerning rates for the Pioneer Educators Health Plan. Keith shared that the switch to Regence, as administrator, has been positive. They have proven to be predictable, efficient and the claims expenses have been lower. As a result, at a Sept. meeting of the Pioneer board, they were thinking that rates may not go up again for 2009-2010. We don’t know for sure yet, but it’s possible there will be no increase. That would be almost unheard of to have a plan not raise rates for two years in a row.

Willamette should hear from Kaiser soon and HR expects to have rate news for them by the next meeting.

Suzie then discussed the Long Term Care Plan that Willamette is offering through Hancock. Response has been really good from the employees. She also reminded us that in order to receive a guaranteed issue, you must apply by Nov. 14th. After that, employees are welcome to apply during open enrollment times, but you are not guaranteed to be accepted and you may need to provide medical information, etc. Also, it was mentioned that some tax credits at both the state and federal levels may be available to help offset the cost of LTC insurance. Also, HR has created a weblink to LTC benefits on the HR website.

Keith gave us an update concerning 403(b) account regulations. Apparently there are some regulations limiting the amount that someone can take as a loan from their 403(b) accounts and we are facing a deadline to comply with these regulations. Unfortunately, there are quite a few options for 403(b) accounts, so it’s hard to figure out how much money people have borrowed from their accounts (because they may have multiple accounts). Anyway, to make sure we’re doing what we’re supposed to, Willamette has hired a company to audit and review our offerings. There is a possibility for changes with the 403(b) offerings, with perhaps fewer choices.

HR is also pulling together an Investment Planning Committee.

And, as of 10/1/08, Willamette employees can enroll in a TIAA-CREF Roth 403(b) plan. There is now one enrollment form on the HR website.

Keith and Suzie briefed us concerning AFLAC supplemental insurance. Every few years it’s a good idea to review AFLAC and also look at some competitors to make sure AFLAC is what Willamette wants to offer. HR will narrow it down to three supplemental insurance providers (including AFLAC) and they will each give a presentation to the Benefits Committee. The Benefits Committee will then give their input. One issue that the Benefits Committee asked to be considered is portability. With AFLAC, you are guaranteed portability, if you want it, when you retire.

Suzie also reviewed updates concerning the Wellness Programs. Her hope is that, possibly as early as January, or definitely sometime this spring, Willamette will bring massage therapy back to campus. Again, HR is reviewing possible providers. The Benefits Committee asked HR to also consider alternating male and female massage therapists, to accommodate those employees who are most comfortable receiving a massage from someone of the same sex.

Also under Wellness Programs, Keith reminded the Committee that, beginning in January, new smoking regulations will be in place. This will mean that there will be no smoking within a 25 foot radius of any building on campus. Keith reminded us that help with smoking cessation is included in our benefits package.

Finally, a benefits survey is being composed and HR expects to send it to the employees in the next month or so.

Strategic Planning Task Force

Report for Classified Council November 11, 2008 Meeting
Submitted by Leslie Berning-Wright, Classified representative to the Task Force

The first Strategic Planning Task Force meeting was held October 20, 2008. There are 31 members on the Task Force, in six sub-committees: Tuition, Financial Aid; Facilities, Finance and Resources; Diversity, Access and Affordability, Demographics; Academic Excellence, Pinnacles of Excellence, Academic Programs, Curriculum, Pedagogy; Student Life; Technology and New/Alternative Models of Learning and Teaching.

Work Plan Outline
(1) Develop a New or Revised Set of Strategic Goals.

Do the 5 goals developed for the last strategic plan reflect our current identity?
Are domestic and international diversity as well as globalism sufficiently represented at Willamette?

2) Develop a Set of Strategies to Achieve those Goals

What new initiatives or programs are needed?
What is the role of faculty research and is it appropriately rewarded? How does it support our strategic goals?
What is the role of undergraduate research and in particular undergraduate science at Willamette?

(3) Develop a Process to Assess Strategies

Are we achieving our goals? Making progress?
Does the curriculum structure support the strategic goals?
Is Willamette about the right size?
What are key performance indicators are needed?
Do we have pinnacles of excellence at Willamette? If so, what are they? How do pinnacles of excellence contribute to our goals?
Do our facilities support our goals?
Does our financial plan support our goals?
Does the current administrative structure support our goals?
Does our tuition and financial aid structure support our goals?

The next meeting is scheduled for November 19, 2008.

Website Committee Report to Classified Council
November 7, 2008

The Website Committee met on Friday, November 7, 2008 with Pam Nyburg, Bob Mercado and Leonard Snodgrass attending.
The Committee set the monthly Committee meeting schedule.
We briefly discussed the Not Unto Ourselves Alone (brag) page and Leonard mentioned that he might have some information for us to add. He’s going to check his email archives.
The rest of the meeting was spent familiarizing Leonard with Webedit and discussing the luncheon RSVP process. We will be meeting again next week to process the RSVPs and Prepaids together for further training.
We discussed the possibility of expanding the prepaid functionality to include a ticket/card system faster processing at the door and the ability to prepay for the year.

Submitted by: Pam Nyburg

December Luncheon Report

Date: 12-17-08

Time: 12:00 – 1:30- extended lunch has been approved

Theme: Surprise! It’s a New Year’s Party – Out with the old in with the new

Menu: Ham, pumpkin lasagna, scalloped potatoes, cinnamon carrots, Waldorf or some other fruit salad, gingerbread cake or apple cranberry crisp - both with whipped topping or something fun.

Menu has been presented to Chris Linn, just waiting on word back from him. He has also been asked about the centerpieces/décor left over from President’s dinner (12/13).

Invitations: White with black script – simple so that we don’t give away theme. Faye is working on these with Bob’s help.

Décor: Black table cloths w/ white napkins, centerpiece. More info to come at the meeting. Tori : centerpiece idea (top hats, foil garland, noise makers/horns, foil sprays, tissue, sparking cider, champagne glasses), Ramona: clock idea, Another idea: fortune cookie boxes

RSVP/Guest List: Leslie stated that Pam should be in charge of this.

Drawing/Tickets: Leslie is selling the extra tickets; Faye is collecting prizes with Bob’s help. Faye is looking into making bow ties for the ticket jars. (with Bob’s help)

Hats & Mittens: WU store will be collecting per Jill Munger. We can place a box or something if people want to donate.

Money raised from ticket sales: Top two suggestions; Willamette related family in need and/or Willamette Academy. Council needs to vote on which one (or both) we will aid.

Misc: Idea was brought up to have all council members dress in black slacks and white shirts. Faye was going to look into borrowing top hats from a theatre group.

Safety Committee Report – For Classified Council November 11, 2008
Submitted by: Ramona Murtha (Area 3 alternate rep)

HIGHLIGHTS of October 23, 2008 Safety Committee Meeting (These are not the official minutes of the meeting.)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding flu shot administration, etc. Please go to HR.

There are various sidewalk repair projects in the works based on walk around and recent incidents.

New legislation and increasing WU awareness of effectively addressing safety issues prompt the following changes for the Safety Committee.
1. The composition of the WU committee needs adjustment. Total members will be ten (10) including:
Four (4) permanent members based on job title:

Rich Dennis (Safety Ed Coord);
Jim Ames (Safety Tech);
HR representative- currently Suzie Torre;
liability insurance coord – currently Linda Lombard

Six (6) Rotating membership (one year stints) will include:

One (1) faculty- currently Jennifer Butler (Biology) alternating with a rep from Chemistry and Art
One (1) student (chosen through ASWU)
Four (four) others- staff and administrators

2. Open invitation format: Anyone can come with safety issues. Also, bigger, more public venue will be used to accommodate guests.
3. Better public awareness. More attention needs to be paid to posting minutes.
4. Mandatory OSHA Safety Committee training
5. Small budget
6. Name change in works to better reflect goal and to eliminate confusion with Campus Safety functions

Discussion about 15 passenger vans and what is the University plan. 15 passenger vans are considered one of the least safe methods of transporting groups of people. Most public entities and many private ventures do not allow them. We are no longer using the State Motor Pool. It is no more cost effective and less convenient than using the commercial vendors. Only 12 passenger vans are available through outside rental agencies. Using Willamette vans is the only way to get 15 person vans. Our vans are relatively new, however, and there isn’t a current plan to retire them unless they are mechanically “done”. Kindra Jordan is collecting information about the use of 15 person vans through her travel industry connections for future discussion on the topic.

none reported