October 7, 2008

October 7, 2008
Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Reyna Meyers President; Leslie Berning-Wright, Secretary/Treasurer; Faye Trupka, Area 1 Representative; Bob Mercado, Area 1 Alternate; MaryAnn Zielinski, Area 3 Representative; Ramona Murtha, Area 3 Alternate; Sue Bernt, Area 4 Representative; Pam Nyburg, Area 5 Representative; Carrie Whipple Area 7 Representative.
Guests: Marc Marlich, Chris Linn

1:30 President Reyna Meyers called the meeting to order
Quorum was present

May 2008 approved as presented
August 2008 approved as presented

Previous Balance $6,666.47 8/30/08
New Balance: $6,616.47 9/30/08
$50.00 for September Social Door Prizes

Previous Balance $6,007.56 8/30/08
New Balance: $6,851.63 9/30/08
$138.34 August payroll donations

Marc Marlich and Chris Linn from Bon Appetit talked with Council about options and gave suggestions for Council to consider. The BA charge per person for Classified Luncheons increased to $6.75 from $6.50 as of August 1st. Food costs are steadily increasing; as much as 10% on some items. Luncheon planning should ideally give BA one month notice. Secretary/Treasurer will email to BA in May the dates, Areas, and Area Rep for each Classified Luncheon. The difference between the food and service at the Admin Luncheon compared to the Classified Luncheon is the per person budget of each. BA is happy to give tours of the kitchen -- either formal or informal. It was suggested that BA do more advertising of their vegetarian options; perhaps color-coded dots on the menu at the Luncheon line. BA suggested any increase in the per person budget could greatly improve the menu choices and the “add to the elegance”.

Safety Committee -- Ramona Murtha [attached]
HR will be putting out a revised Smoking Policy.
Ramona will check if the Injury Report will be available on line.
Website Committee -- Pam Nyburg [attached]
Pam asked that we email a photo of ourselves to her if we wish to have one on the Council Website.
On-line RSVP is going well. Pam will add a number column to the left to count responses. Pre-pay cut off is the Wednesday before; RSVP cut off is the Friday before.

Motion passed unanimously to increase the Luncheon allotment by $15 per table for Luncheons with 15 tables or more.
Motion passed unanimously to a) eliminate door prizes at regular Luncheons, and b) increase Luncheon Allotment to $200 for Luncheons with 14 or fewer tables, and c) to $300 for the December Luncheon. This will start with the November 2008 Luncheon. This is in effort to decrease solicitation throughout the year and to make centerpieces more “prize-worthy”.
Motion passed unanimously to increase the allotment for the December Night Crew Dinner to $200.
Motion passed unanimously to maintain the current ticket prices of $4.00 for Classified Staff and $6.50 for Guests. Council will absorb the additional cost.

Special Interest Groups: Does Council want SIG to present at Luncheons? If so, whom does the SIG contact -- Council or the Area Rep directly? If so, should it be included on the invitation that the SIG will be at the Luncheon? Discussion and vote postponed. This is referring to groups requesting donations or representing a “cause”, not guest speakers invited for entertainment purposes.

Guests: Council decided that Classified Luncheons are “invitation only”. Guests must be invited and RSVP’d for by Staff.

Please check your mailgroups and add the Officers as “owners”.
Next Luncheon : November 19th by Area 1
Next Meeting: November 11, 2008

3:18 meeting adjourned

These minutes are four pages in length and submitted by Leslie Berning-Wright, Classified Council Secretary/Treasurer 2008-2010.
Safety Committee Report for Classified Council October 2008 Meeting

September 25, 2008

I was not present for the entire meeting and the minutes have not been distributed yet.

DOGS/PETS: (still) …Again WU community is asked to report to Campus Safety (or to Rich Dennis directly) any incidents related to dogs or any pets. There does not have to be a violation of existing policy, just anything that demonstrates threatening behavior -explicit or behavior that could be taken as threatening on the part of the person who meets the dog – such as an over exuberant dog lunging at someone. This could also include owners who fail to control their pet. This is not about “punishing” people, just recording how often such things occur and if there are animals on campus that habitually cause problems in order to establish whether or not a more restrictive policy is needed.

There is new effort being put into publishing the fines/costs for students who are found to have violated their residential contract by having pets in their rooms. Students, who have been caught, have complained that employees don’t have the same restrictions/penalties as students and bring pets (dogs) all the time and they don’t have to pay to have their work area fumigated.
Per Chad Harvey (see below), the university has the right to implement separate policy related to different groups of people on campus. Dealing with work environment issues versus residential issues can be very different both legally and in the realm of safety.

SMOKING: A new policy for smoking is in the works. Distances from entries and air intakes will be considered.

Injury on the job – Suzie Torre-Cross
All employees should report on-the-job injuries. There is now a separate form from the formal Worker’s Compensation form (801) which is intended for injury which generated medical claim activity, i.e. you go see a doctor. If you are injured while at work, please go to HR to complete the incident form. You will not be entered as a Worker’s Compensation “case” unless the injury requires medical attention.

Role of Safety Committee:
Chad Harvey (Empire Pacific – WU’s wc company) clarified the role of the Safety Committee in policy making in a place of work. It is the Safety Committee’s job to be aware of safety situations on campus and RECOMMEND to the management solutions or other course of actions. However, it is MANAGEMENT’S responsibility to implement policy. They may or may not act on the recommendations given to them.

Submitted by: Ramona Murtha

Website Committee Report to Classified Council
October, 7, 2008

The Website Committee now officially has three members, Pam Nyburg, Chair, Leonard Snodgrass and Bob Mercado.

The first meeting was held Monday, October 6, 2008 with Pam Nyburg and Bob Mercado attending. The meeting was casual and brief consisting mostly of familiarizing Bob with the site layout and luncheon RSVP procedure.

No minutes were taken.

Suggestions for improvements to the site were discussed and the committee would like to suggest to the council that the “members” page of the site include pictures of all of the area reps and officers to increase visibility and personalize the council.

Submitted by: Pam Nyburg